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On this page you will discover top notch ethnobotanicals you can NOT miss out on. We are currently in the process of reviewing more products before establishing a solid database. But keep tabs and soon the "Secret Garden Seal of Supremacy" will become a gold standard for the best of the best in the market!

We are dividing the awards into three primary categories plus a general "Seal of Approval" badge available to any vendor with an overall rating of 8.0+ to use freely on their webpage. Succinctly stated, we aim to promote only strains of exceptional quality and trustworthiness. Nevertheless, the numerical rating system is inherently flawed and estimative. These ratings should obviously not be considered an end-all evaluation, simply an individual's reflection of a strain's perceived/relative quality which is often context sensitive. Read each product's individual review for a more in-depth look at the strain under review.

Initially slated for September 30, 2016, the D.E.A. has delayed their plans indefinitely to place kratom on the U.S. Schedule I list.

Gold = 9.0+
Silver =  8.6 - 8.9
Bronze = 8.1 - 8.5
Seal of Approval = 8.0+

Indo Elephant Illumination - 9.6/10
Indo Elephant Luminosity - 9.4/10
Indo Elephant Aurora - 9.2/10
The Kratom King "Maeng Da X" Extract - 9.2/10
Portal Botanical Top Shelf Blend - 9.1/10
Relax Remedy White Sumatran - 9.1/10
Buy-Kratom Wholesale (Red BaliRed Borneo) - 9.0/10
Herbal Cafe's Supreme White Kaupus  - 9.0/10
Jackson's Kratom Maeng Da - 9.0/10
Kratom Divine Sama Sama - 9.0/10
Online Kratom Ganesha Fusion - 9.0/10
Pharmacy Dropout LLC 30% Kavalactones Extract - 9.0/10
Portal Botanical Red Relax (R&R) - 9.0/10
Skunk Ape Kratom Ultra Enhanced Indo - 9.0/10

*The following products are subject to eligibility for the golden leaf award based on reviews from our certified assistant reviewers:

Best Kratom Buy Plantation Maeng Da - 9.1/10
Mmmspeciosa Baik Bali - 9.0/10
Mmmspeciosa Bali Indah - 9.0/10
Pharmacy Dropout LLC Malaysian Pig - 9.0/10

Best Kratom Buy Original Maeng Da - 8.9/10
Pharmacy Dropout LLC's Red Horned Leaf Kratom - 8.9/10
Amazing Kratom White Maeng Da - 8.8/10
Green Malay Green Malay - 8.8/10
Herbal Cafe Maeng Da X - 8.8/10
Indo Elephant White Vein Horn (White Lion) - 8.8/10
Kratom Divine Premium Bali - 8.8/10
Kratom Eye (overall) - 8.8/10
Online Kratom Brahma Bali - 8.8/10
Trance Plants (overall) - 8.8/10
Amazing Kratom Green Maeng Da & Green Thai - 8.7/10
Amazing Kratom Red Vein Bali - 8.7/10
Herbal Cafe S.E.I. Gold X - 8.7/10
Indo Elephant Gold Vein Plantation Thai -  8.7/10
Indo Elephant Red Horn (Red Dragon) - 8.7/10
Herbal Samurai Tranquil Green Indo - 8.7/10
Kratom Divine Red Vein Indo - 8.7/10
Kratom Eye Hocus Focus - 8.7/10
Kwik Kratom (Red Indo) - 8.7/10
Online Kratom Kali Red Indo - 8.7/10
Portal Botanical U.E.I. - 8.7/10
Phytoextractum U.E.I. - 8.7/10
Green Malay White Malay - 8.6/10
Herbal Cafe U.E.I. - 8.6/10
Indo Elephant Julman's Super Green - 8.6/10
Lucky Liquid Maeng Da Alkaloid Suspension Oil - 8.6/10
Moon Kratom Yellow Indonesian - 8.6/10
Kaleidoscope Botanicals Bentuangie - 8.6/10
Kaleidoscope Botanicals Green Focus - 8.6/10
Kaleidoscope Botanicals Golden Gem - 8.6/10
Kaleidoscope Mellow Maeng Da - 8.6/10
Kaleidoscope Red Relief - 8.6/10
Kaleidoscope White Lightning - 8.6/10
Kratom Divine Malaysian Green - 8.6/10
Kratom Eye Maeng Da - 8.6/10
Kratom King Maeng Da - 8.6/10
Kratom King Full Spectrum Extract - 8.6/10
Kwik Kratom Green Borneo - 8.6/10
Portal Botanicals Red Horn Thai - 8.6/10
Portal Botanicals Red Maeng Da - 8.6/10
Phytoextractum Gold Standard Extract - 8.6/10
Relax Remedy Red Borneo - 8.6/10
Relax Remedy Maeng Da - 8.6/10
Soul Speciosa U.E.I. - 8.6/10
Top Extracts Maeng Da - 8.6/10

*The following products are subject to eligibility for the silver leaf award based on reviews from our certified assistant reviewers:

Online Kratom Brahma Bali - 8.9/10
Online Kratom Indra Fusion - 8.6/10

Indo Elephant Green Elephant - 8.5/10
Indo Elephant Green Hornet - 8.5/10
Indo Elephant Red Elephant - 8.5/10
Indo Elephant White Elephant MD - 8.5/10
Kratom Divine Maeng Da - 8.5/10
Kratom Divine White Vein Borneo - 8.5/10
Kratom Eye Big Red - 8.5/10
Kratom Eye Euphoric Green - 8.5/10
Kratom Eye Euphoric Maeng Da - 8.5/10
Kratom Eye Thai White - 8.5/10
Kwik Kratom Maeng Da Green - 8.5/10
Kwik Kratom Green Thai - 8.5/10
Moon Kratom Maeng Da - 8.5/10
Relax Remedy Green Bali - 8.5/10
Indo Elephant White Borneo - 8.4/10
Kratom Eye White Lightning - 8.4/10
Kratom Eye Bali-Wood - 8.4/10
Indo Elephant Green Vein Sumatra - 8.3/10
Indo Elephant Red Vein Sumatra - 8.3/10
Indo Elephant White Vein Sumatra - 8.3/10
Online Kratom Indra Fusion - 8.2/10

*The following products are subject to eligibility for the bronze leaf award based on reviews from our certified assistant reviewers:

Mmmspeciosa White Vein Indo - 8.5/10
Mmmspeciosa Tropical Borneo - 8.5/10
Mmmspeciosa Red Vein Indo - 8.5/10
Mmmspeciosa Red Vein Maeng Da - 8.5/10
Pharmacy Dropout LLC Red Fermented Bentuangie - 8.5/10
Online Kratom Ganesha Fusion - 8.2/10
Mmmspeciosa Green Malaysian -  8.0/10
Online Kratom Shiva Maeng Da - 8.0/10
Pharmacy Dropout LLC Green Bentuangie - 8.0/10
Pharmacy Dropout LLC White Horned - 8.0/10


  1. have you ever reviewed happy herbal hippo's kratom? you must!! ita amazing

  2. Thank you for the suggestion, we will attempt to get in contact with this company to arrange a review.

  3. I have had Kratom from Kratom Underground, Herbstomp, and most recently, Pharmacydropout. I like all 3 places. Recently I got stuck on Herbstomp's Red Bali. I think it has been the strongest smelling and most potent kratom I've had.Coming from where I've come I think Red Bali is best. I've burned just about every kratom Herbstomp has, Maha Kali, Maeng Da, and every other one. The more expensive ones did very little for me. The Red Bali is the only one I liked. Herbstomp is fairly priced, and conveniently for me, in the  Portland area. They also don't give any deals, samples, or seem to care if they keep your business. I guess it's because the headshops Dragon Herbarium and Third Eye around Portland charge over double what HS charges and makes up funny names for there kratom. Don't ever buy from headshops. Pharmacydropout, also in Oregon, has a great selection of kratom, the best customer service, and high quality kratom. Unfortunately I wish they had a Red Bali. These are some of the strains that I tried so far There Indo Red Vein had a very warm sedating aroma that brings about a feeling of well being, and oneness with everything around you, if you want to sleep just close your eyes and drift off. The Red Borneo was similar but not as intense to me, still very fresh, and had a nice earthy fragrance.

  4. The Malaysian Pig had a smooth, get up and get things done aroma, while producing a real clarity of mind. A really good, long lasting aroma from a Pig, surprising! I still have more to try, and a Red Maeng Da on the way. I haven't rotated strains for a while,  and have a high tolerance, so I think it might take a little time to get the full effects of these new strains. Body chemistry and personal sense of smell is a strange thing. Maeng Da is nothing special to me, to you it might be the best ever. Don't take reviews of products to serious, unless a bunch of people say the same thing, you have to experiment for yourself.  That being said PD has great selection, great prices, fast shipping, high quality products,  and a really cool owner, Jeff. It's my new favorite place to go!

  5. noahfulton2@gmail.comApril 20, 2016 at 5:43 AM

    I recently placed an order with Portal Botanicals to try out their stem and vein. I was searching for a new vendor as my other go to was sold out. I am very impressed with Portal's S&V. I use it to keep my tolerance down by simply adding a gram or two to strengthen the aroma. The price is great, 4 ounces for 20$ shipped. The powder is a really fine grind and smells/tastes very fresh. PB also included two samples (on my 20$ order) which were quite generous. All in all a great buying experience and a vendor that I highly recommend trying out.

  6. Happy Hippo is my go to vendor! Variety and potency is awesome! Ive had a few different vendors, but when it comes to service, freshness, and product in stock, they are the real deal!

  7. Best brand I had was Be Happy Botanicals Green strains.A little higher priced but didn't leave me as tired as other brands when it wears off

  8. I'm going to start leaving some reviews of Portal Botanical products. I figured I'd start with the first thing I ordered, Red Maeng Da Powder:

    This was the first variety I ever tried. I was interested in kratom for mild pain relief and relaxation in the evening and had ordered from a few other providers before finding portal. This is the "classic" scent I expected. Warm and relaxing. Even though R&R is much stronger, I'm keeping this stuff in rotation for when I don't necessarily feel like an early night. ;)

    I still mainly order reds, and this one is still a favorite!

  9. I really like this sentence at the top.

    "These ratings should obviously not be considered an end-all evaluation, simply an individual's reflection of a strain's perceived/relative quality which is often context sensitive."

    I'm glad we all understand this, and it will make me feel better about giving what amounts to an opinion on the effects of different kratom :)

  10. Portal Botanical Red Relax (R&R):

    This was recommended to me by the folks at Portal when I mentioned pain relief and relaxation. I've since branched out and tried just about all their reds and even some greens, but I'll always keep this stuff on hand for evenings with moderate back pain or even just restlessness. I think I've reordered 4 times over the last few months now and the quality is still dead on.

    This stuff is what they call a "slightly enhanced house blend" of:
    25% Red Indo
    25% Super Red MD
    25% Red Vein Thai
    20% Red Bali 2
    5% Full Spectrum Extract

    Having tried now these all individually, I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the potency of this blend. At the time though, this was the second variety of kratom I'd burned, and my first enhanced.

    My first experience was an evening after a particularly stressful day. I burned after a light dinner, about the same amount that I'd burn a normal red. Plopped down in bed to watch some documentary or another on netflix and within 30 minutes I had that lovely warm fuzzy red feeling. Another 15 to 30 minutes and I was in a state I love, knowing that if I closed my eyes, I'd be out like a light. That's just what I did, and I awoke refreshed :)

    Since then I've burned it earlier in the evening, even blending in some green for a less sedative aroma. Even alone though, it only konks me out when I lay down and let it. I'll burn after sundown and watch some tv or play video games for a few hours while it does wonders for my back and shoulder aches. The effects are fairly long lasting as well.

    My fiance serves at a local sports bar, often getting home at 3 AM and this blend really helps her unwind and get to sleep faster. In fact she was a bit skeptical of kratom because of a few lackluster purchases I'd made from random vendors. This one made a believer out of her. I'd say R&R or a standard red with a pinch of gold standard or portal gold on top are still our favorite PM burns.

    Rated against everything I've tried from Portal, I'd say this is one of the strongest and lowest spectrum. I'd say an 9 for strength and 8.5 for duration. I'm pretty new to kratom still, so I'm interested to see how the connoisseurs among you will rate it. If you love the warm cozy feeling reds or just have trouble drifting off at night, I can't recommend this blend enough :)

  11. Portal Gold

    I received some of this as a bonus tester with an order, and right now I'll tell you I've reordered twice! I liked to burn a little spoon of this on top of my regular red or green. (The little bamboo spoon was a free bonus from Portal as well) I like to burn with any plain red powder or thrift shop blend. It adds a great mellow eupohric scent to the burn. It doesn't make me drowsy or tense, just a nice warm middle ground. Burned with a green (or white for those of you who can handle it) in the morning, it's a great way to start the day. It's very similar to UEI in potency, and way cheaper. Not as potent as Gold Standard but that stuff is just too pricey for me anyhow. ;)

    The in house blends change from time to time as new ingredient batches come in, and Portal sends the new batch out to testers first. They change the product description, and even lowered the price on a batch because they felt it wasn't as potent as the previous. They've the updated the description gain to say that it is back to the original blend. I'd recommend anyone to try burning a little with their everyday stuff at this price!

    I can't really give a numerical rating since I never burn it alone, but I'd day it adds a solid 1 to any other burn on a scale of 10!

  12. Red Hulu Kapuas

    I ordered this one with a bunch of different new reds to try. They were all nice and definitely "red" smelling but this one is one of the most mood enhancing of any I've tried. I heard someone describe kratom as a nice warm hug and this is definitely that feeling! Not as sedating as most reds either. It put me in the greatest mood, and made work a breeze. A good mid day burn if you like reds best, it took a while to set in and last a good while too.

    8/10 strength of aroma. 8/10 for duration.

  13. Red Indo

    This one was a surprise for me! I was browsing Portal trying to spot red varieties I hadn't tried, and there were a couple so I picked them up. The first one I've tried was this red indo. It's a bit darker in color tan most of their reds, and it has a special smell as well. Portal mentions that this is one strain that's used to make the R&R blend, and I can see why.

    Its pungent red aroma is right for unwinding. Within Red Relax, this certainly serves its purpose with its warm calming effect, but burning it alone I noticed an unmistakable extra scent in there. I've tried a few ways of wording it, but I guess I'd have to say a mild euphoric, generally happy feeling. Sort of like faint butterflies in my belly, but not the nervous kind :)

    I burned this twice the day it arrived. Once before a light lunch, and once in the evening. I need to get around to actually weighing the little scoop I used so I can give a better idea of quantity burned. Anyhow, the lunchtime aroma was still lingering by the evening, and the second burn brought back the feeling just as well. This time the happy feelings eventually gave way to my natural sleepiness, and I almost fell asleep at my computer! Hopped in bed and was out like a light. The daytime burn didn't slow me down or cloud my thinking and the nighttime burn didn't keep me awake, making it a good burn for any time except maybe not as morning coffee replacement. ;)

    8 for potency and 7 for duration.

  14. Premium Red Malay MD:

    This is one of my new favorites from Portal. A few others have reviewed it on the Portal site and I have to concur, it's warm, fuzzy goodness! It's a low spectrum red, but I notice when I'm actively doing something, whether working on electronics or gaming, I don't feel very sedated. However, during passive activities like reading/browsing/watching tv I tend to get the heavy eyelids. The aroma doesn't seem to hang around as long as some of other reds, but wears off gently without too much of a groggy scent left behind.

    The added potency (and thus "premium" title) is said to come from the leaf being sifted more finely than most standard leaf, which results in less stem and vein, and therefor more active ingredient. This finer powder is also a lot easier for me to burn!

    I've recently reordered this one before getting close to running out, and in a larger quantity because I want to keep it in stock. I hope Portal is able to keep getting this quality strain coming!

    8.5 for Strength, probably one of the most pungent non-enhanced products I've had. 7 for duration.

  15. Enhanced Top Shelf Full Spectrum Blend:

    This is another one that's remained a favorite through trying everything I could get my hands on. I've been ordering from portal for months, and I always make sure I keep some of this in stock.

    It's up there with R&R as far as potency, but the aroma is much more a balance between the relaxation of reds and the energy of greens. Portal's site puts is slightly on the higher end of the spectrum, but I'd place it dead center personally. I'm not sure what varieties they put in, but it's a great blend of everything nice about Kratom. This means I can burn it any time of the day or night and not worry about being kept up or knocked out. I noticed improved mood and focus while working after a burn. I'd recommend this to anyone curious about trying an enhanced blend!

    9 for Potency, 7 for duration.

  16. Green Malay:

    I think this was my first green, and at the time I'd only burned reds for relaxation in the evening. I got this as a sample with an order that came on the weekend, so I figured what the hell I'll try something more energetic! I burned the whole sample and about half an our later a nice calm energetic aroma had permeated the room. It helped motivate me to get some work done around the house, without giving me the familiar jittery feeling of coffee. I don't feel like it lasted a terribly long time, but that's perfect for an energetic burn. If I wanted to keep that scent around, I'd just burn it again. I originally gave it 4 stars at the Portal site, siting my lack of experience with greens. Now I would confidently give it 5 stars when compared to the others I've tried. This one is definitely in my top 3 greens!

    8 for potency and 7 for duration.

  17. Red Horned Thai:

    I figured I'd drop my two cents on this one since it's one that SGG will be reviewing soon. When I talked with them about the effects I was looking for in a strain, Red Horn Thai (and all horned varieties) were mentioned by the helpful folks at Portal Botanical as being more energetic that standard reds. After having tried a green sample or two, I figured they'd probably be perfect for me if I was needing some ache relief but wanting to remain active. It was just what I hoped it would be. A nice mix of red and green effects, "Chilled out" but not cloudy. The aroma hung around for a good long time, and this one is pretty pungent too. The pain relief was definitely there when I needed it.

    8.5 for potency and 9 for duration.

  18. Ultra Enhanced Indo:

    I ordered this and Gold Standard a while back to try out extracts. This stuff is surprisingly potent, but cost prohibitive for me. It adds really strong "all around" aroma similar to the Enhanced Top Shelf to any other burn. I've never burned extract by itself, as I've read that it's not very effective alone. Not as strong as Gold Standard, but a tad more than Portal Gold. Still I prefer PG for the value, and have taken a break from extracts all together. I think all that aromatic smoke kind of made me lose my sense of smell for a bit ;)

    Nice for a treat every once in a while though!

    9 for potency and 7 for duration (but I imagine this would vary greatly depending on what you burn it with)

  19. Premium Green Thai MD

    This is a favorite green of mine, and probably one of the more potent greens I've tried. Portal lists it as dead mid spectrum, and I have to agree. For me, it's a good "coffee replacement" morning burn without too much pep. Pretty much my staple green.

    Like their other premiums, the added potency is said to come from the leaf being sifted more finely than most standard leaf, which results in less stem and vein, and therefor more active ingredient. This finer powder is also a lot easier for me to burn!

    8.5 for potency and 8 for duration.

    1. These are excellent reviews. This company cares about customer service, being one of the most important attributes to any vendor. Satisfaction guaranteed, will always prevail!

  20. One more company to try: Livingbotanics


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