Saturday, November 19, 2016

Keep Kratom Legal!: Essential Information for Activists and Enthusiasts

The following article is being shared with permission by a prolific kratom enthusiast who wishes to remain anonymous. As many of our readers very well may know, the DEA has lifted their emergency ban on kratom and are holding a comment period through December 1st. There has been an overwhelming response from kratom fans, and we hope this trend will continue up until the last hour we can be heard.

Please take time to read this post and post a comment of your own to save this miracle plant before it's too late.

The original post can be found on subreddit r/kratom.

Please share far and wide! :)
If you're feeling overwhelmed, here's the short version on how to comment on the federal register regarding kratom. (**Includes instructions on commenting anonymously.)
PM US OR /u/carpet_munch IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE OF ANY KIND! we are happy to answer questions or help with grammar, clarity or even help you to formulate your comment using your own story. :)

  1. Go to
  2. Fill in your information (if you want to be anonymous, put "anon" in all the fields except phone and zip. Then put 555-555-5555 for your number and use any zip code in your state)
  3. Write a comment from the heart. We simply do not want to use the words "treat", "medicine", or "cure" because substances with those descriptions fall under FDA control. Kratom has NOT been proven to treat or cure anything and it really is not a medicine. So this is just a way of making sure we are being factual in our description.
  4. Preview the comment to make sure all your text is there (50000 character limit!) and submit. You'll get an email in about 24 hours and your comment will post in a day or two.

NOTE : There really is no reason to worry that the DEA will come after you solely based on your comment, and we encourage commenters to at least provide their name or initials. But it is better to comment anonymously than not at all. The DEA must read and consider EVERY COMMENT. So please be original. Form-letter style responses are greatly discouraged by both the DEA and the AKA. is created by the AKA's PR Team and is safe and reliable to use. However, you may go directly to the federal register site and click "Comment now" on the upper right if you want. NOTE THAT YOU MUST GO THERE IF YOU HAVE FILE ATTACHMENTS.
To expedite your comment post time, please include the text "Docket No. DEA-442W" at the top of your comment. *


P.S. Another related anonymous source has mentioned that the media is reading these comments and are "amazed at the response." Please keep in mind this cannot be confirmed by anyone with authority at this time, but it is certainly worth mentioning that your participation will have a worthwhile impact.

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