Thursday, September 1, 2016

DEA Categorizing Kratom as Schedule I September 30th

Extremely disappointing news has surfaced. See above embedded video to hear Hercules' thought provoking view on the matter. For those who have found kratom to be of genuine medicinal benefit and not yet heard, the big boys at the DEA have decided that as of September 30th, 2016 Kratom and its alkaloids will be categorized as a Schedule I drug alongside historically harmful chemicals as heroin and cocaine. Anyone familiar with this plant should know quite well that this is an extreme measure, and groups such as AKA (American Kratom Association) are taking measures to defuse the situation.

We are sad to announce The Secret Garden Guide will no longer be reviewing kratom, and our old reviews will remain strictly for archival purposes. As much as we hate to put the days of this natural wonder behind, it should be affirmed that The SGG is an ethnobotanical publication, not a kratom publication and our name needs to be preserved. The SGG was founded on principles of integrity and part of that integrity circumventing any unnecessary controversy. Although our primary focus has been on kratom this past year and a half, we will be shifting gears and covering other medicinally beneficial, legal ethnobotanicals such as kava (Piper methysticum), various herbal remedies and other holistic medicines.

In the meantime, here are some useful links for those looking to take some action. These links will be updated. Any unlisted links pertinent to the banning of kratom can be suggested to or posted as a comment to this article.

All of this being said, the "war" isn't over just yet. AKA and other organizations/individuals have been making swift movements using their influence in attempt to protect the legality and availability of a naturally occurring tree whose leaves have given many pain and addiction patients clean relief.

In addition, it is worth mentioning any companies who wish to have their reviews removed for peace of mind or any proper authorities who consider leaving kratom reviews online contradictory to changing laws, please feel free to e-mail to discuss such matters. With reviews of over 100 kratom products, we've had a fantastic run guiding readers toward many professional, honest, quality companies. We have sponsored contests amounting to over 7 kilograms in prizes. Most importantly, we have met many great people in the kratom community who will remain close friends.

Stay tuned for any updates in links and info. A very special thanks goes out to all of our devoted readers, and we hope you will continue to look towards us for info and reviews on various ethnobotanicals and herbal remedies.


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