Tuesday, July 12, 2016

"Amazing Kratom" Red, White and Green Review

Amazing Kratom is a seemingly new company with a simple website and relatively limited selection. Suffice it to say, this "relatively limited selection" has its merits. I was sent Green Maeng Da, Green Vein Indo, Red Vein Bali and White Maeng Da.

Amazing's Red Vein Bali kicks off with a soothing aroma around 20 minutes after burning. This light, soft feeling of contentment rides into a more sedative wave. Coast this growing wave until the the hour-and-a-half peak, subsequently slowing down for the next hour with a sleepy afterglow. For this reason in particular, this is a good strain to use as a nightcap. For those who can handle the sedation, this red won't straight knock you on your back like some, but will leave a tinge of fogginess toward the end.

POTENCY: 8.6/10
VALUE: 9.3/10 ($6.99/oz.)
OVERALL: 8.7/10

Green Maeng Da and Green Indo aren't too terribly different. Both provide a well balanced boost, a clean aroma with hardly any notable notions of rapid comedown. Indo arguably packs more energy while Maeng Da has more of a comforting aura and less so an energy boost.

POTENCY: 8.6/10 (MD), 8.7/10 (Indo)
VALUE: 9.3/10 ($6.99/oz.)
OVERALL: 8.7/10

Their White Maeng Da is equally as bold as the greens and red AK sent. Much like the greens, but with a more marked energy boost, this is yet again another fantastic day strain--or more specifically morning. Be aware that, like many other white strains, their scent can delay or reduce quality sleep if taken before bedtime. On the flip-side, this is perfect for mornings. A less notable crash than even a cup of coffee lingers temporarily without too much bother. 

POTENCY : 8.7/10
VALUE: 9.3/10 ($6.99/oz.)
OVERALL: 8.8/10

AK also sell capsules for interested parties. Each capsule contains a 500mg equivalent to ground leaf. It makes for a more presentable, albeit slightly more expensive purchase. $6.99 for 28g of ground leaf translates into $14.99 for 20g (40 capsules), a rate of ~$25.69 for the same amount of ground leaf. In perspective, this pushes four-fold inflation for the equal weight (on the lowest order tier), a relatively hefty service fee. For those serious about devising capsules containing kratom one might find it more beneficial to do so with an inexpensive capping machine, but don't expect the job to be easy on your own either. The sacrifice of money for convenience is entirely up to personal preference--the material is the same for both powder and their respective capsule equivalents.

Amazing Kratom is indeed quite incredible at their powder prices. For those who prefer to store their kratom in capsules with no intentions of purchasing a capping machine the price is significantly steeper. All said, all four of these strains offer an exemplary experience of what great kratom should be. No reader who finds kratom of benefit to their lifestyle should hesitate to order their $1 sample offer and consider placing Amazing's products in your permanent rotation.

Silver Leaf worthy indeed.

Samples generously provided by Amazing Kratom.

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