Sunday, June 19, 2016

Indo Elephant "Luminosity", "Aurora" and "Illumination" Triple Review

Every now and then something exceptional will cross our table from the queue of voluntary vendors willing to promote their product with a balanced review. I suppose Portal Botanical literally just did some of that with their R&R and Top Shelf Kratom. Point being, we have received another very special product. Indo Elephant's Luminosity, along with Aurora and Illumination.

In fact The SGG has previously reviewed some of Indo Elephant's ground leaf, but Luminosity and its sisters Aurora and Illumination certainly are from another plane in a super league of its own.

This trio forms a regal round table of superior products specially formulated to provide a prime aromatic experience. Dare I say, the most significant I have encountered since the birth of The SGG more than a year ago. Blown away by the sheer beauty of the fragrance, I just had to ask Indo C.E.O. Andrew Paskiewicz for a personal proclamation on how they manage to manufacture such a wonder:

"Our Illumination, Aurora and Luminosity are carefully crafted by our resident artisans. They start with fresh, finely ground leaf that has been carefully de-stemmed. We then proceed to blend it with potent crystalline extract we manufacture exclusively at Indo Elephant by extracting alkaloids from our fresh leaf using water and high proof grain alcohol. Our products contain no chemicals or additives or any kind; only natural Kratom harvested from farms planted generations ago, or wild harvested in the jungles of Indonesia." 
-Andrew Paskiewicz, C.E.O. @ Indo Elephant  

Luminosity is a true go hard or go home red. Its sedative properties and uplifting attributes place it a cut above the rest. Within a couple of hours relaxation reaches its peak and one can easily drift off into a comfortable, healthy sleep following.

The sedation to elation ratio of Luminosity is particularly pleasing. Its fragrance produces a delightful boost without delivering a knockout punch (granted you don't overfill your incense burner). Still, if timed right at night, Luminosity is a superb sleep aid as well as pain reliever. Those who find themselves with night time pain and/or insomnia to deal with may find this optimum therapy to ease the rough nights.

If you're the type of person that needs to brew a cup of coffee to start your busy morning, Illumination bestows a burst of energy and motivation unrivaled by the effects of caffeine. A robust white, Illumination gives the kick start many need for their day as a coffee substitute, which I can simply state does not belong in the royal chamber of solid white vein kratom when there comes a time for a necessary jolt of endurance. It would almost seem as if Klato's aromatic preferences have shifted as of late with the influx of quality whites.

Just like the other members of the trio, Aurora has a magical glow accompanying its efficacy. Concisely prosed, Aurora is the middle lane equivalent of Luminosity and Illumination. Well, you've read enough so far. Time for TL;DR numerical index.


Potency: 9.5/10
- Luminosity, at a moderate fill, provides unmatched relaxation and potentially sought for sedation depending on personal preference.

Value: 8.9/10 ($21.20/oz.) - Yes, this is indeed not your typical "ground leaf" price per oz. Indo Elephant also offers standard leaf at a more affordable rate.

However, their grade A homemade, lab grade, scientifically formulated products more than justify the elevated price. Luminosity is burnable in a smaller bowl for first-rate effects. A little goes a long way.

Overall: 9.4/10 - Quality reds that won't break your wallet if burned in moderation make for a winning formula. Indo Elephant--brace yourself and keep it up because you're going to have some new and thirsty customers soon after this review makes public.


Potency: 9.1/10 - Albeit less "extreme" than Luminosity and Illumination, those who prefer greens to the formers will find this an equitable option.

Value: 8.8/10 ($21.20/oz.) - The same applies for Indo's sister strains.

Overall: 9.2/10 - Aurora is a great day strain. Positive vibes, a clear noggin and simply right down the line.


Potency: 9.6/10 - One handsome helping of Illumination will brighten up your day. Screw coffee, this white vein is where it's at with no crash! The aroma subsides as smooth as it sets.

Value: 9.0/10 ($21.20/oz.) - Again, the same applies for Indo's sister strains. Being my personal favorite strain, I'll bump up this score a notch. I would gladly pay the price for this strain despite my major backlog of whites. This is a new level comparable to other SGG favorites such as Online Kratom's Ganesha Fusion and Herbal Cafe's Supreme White Kaupus.

Overall: 9.6/10 - One word... impeccable.

As a closing statement, I am proud to exclaim Indo's triad as our (current) highest scoring kratom product. Since the dawn of The Secret Garden we have reviewed over 100 individual strains. This trio--LuminosityAurora and Illumination are as of now the most memorable, long to be engraved on our wall stamped with the illustrious gold Seal of Supremacy... and supreme it is indeed. Ladies and gentlemen we have reached a new pinnacle in the world of kratom. All three sweep the Golden Leaf without a single moment's hesitation.


  1. Wow!!I would say this is quite an impressive load, and my curiosity is piqued all the way across the board.

  2. has there been any confirmation on this???

  3. $21 per oz
    what a rip off

  4. I'm not seeing any on indo elephant's site. Can you point me to the right place so I can review these samples?

    1. I sure they are in the process of making extract to have 'Luminosity' available soon. It is a beautiful enhanced blend that deserves high praise. Contact the owner and I am sure an explanation will follow.

    2. They have some in stock now.

  5. I just received some Luminosity from Indo Elephant and wondering how much to burn to get optimal aroma effects?

  6. I'm wondering how much to burn to get the best aroma?

  7. Luminosity is considerably more potent than non-enhanced blends. As with any enhanced blend, you should start with a significantly smaller amount and get a feel for the aroma. Since aromatic effects vary from person to person, we cannot divulge specifics. Use good judgment and stay safe :).



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