Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Herbal Cafe - Supreme White Kapuas Review

When America's (and most of the world's) "favorite" stimulant, caffeine, known to induce health problems such as insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach irritation, nausea and vomiting, increased heart rate and respiration (WebMD) fails to give that extra kick of energy, burning white veined kratom is one way to save the day. It has been stated many times that Klato is not the biggest fan of white vein strains. Like drinking coffee, burning white vein kratom can give him the jitters.

Herbal Cafe's Supreme White Kapuas is one such exception. There are precious few white strains (check our review archive) that rest well with Klato's health. The aroma provides a subtle surge of energy, enhanced state of mind, and significant pain relief (Klato also has joint pain). This goes to show how the effects of ethnobotanicals vary from person to person. I seem to have found one of my favorites in this strain.

When asked about what makes Kapuas special, proprietor of Herbal Cafe Jan stated:

"Kapuas (aka Hulu Kapuas) is from the kalimantan / pontiniack area near the Kapuas river, very similar to a Kalimantan (kali) but true Kapuas is wild harvested from the mature trees along the river rather than farmed. It's a nice change of pace, white kapuas is usually mood brightening for most people, clean & clear."

When sleepiness plagues and coffee or energy drinks can't come to the rescue, Herbal Cafe's quality Supreme White Kapuas is just the answer. For this reason we bestow the coveted Golden Leaf Award to one of Herbal Cafe's standout products.

Potency: 9.2/10 - The overall aroma produces a marked increase in energy and mood enhancement, as well as pain relief.
Value: 8.4/10 ($17.00/28g) - A bit pricey, but it's unique nature warrants the heightened price
Overall: 9.0/10

Sample provided by The Herbal Cafe

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  1. Having all those woderful properties in one strain would certainly warrant the price! The pain relief alone eliminates having to add another strain to the mix!
    N. J.


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