Friday, May 27, 2016

Why Haven't We Seen Many Reviews Lately? Why Such High Ratings?

Only 4 more days until the end of our anniversary promotion sponsored by Portal Botanicals! If you're behind, this still doesn't mean you don't have an opportunity for rebuttal. 

That being said, reviews are planned to be posted much more consistently. We decided it would be best not to post many reviews during the time span of the promotion due to the fact the contest would distract from the review and vice versa.

In our queue:

Most of these have have already been tested with detailed notes jotted down, we just find it strategic to space out our reviews, keep our audience interested :). All I can say is... wow, we have some quality strains in store! The Secret Garden Guide has come to the point where confident vendors approach us about reviews, This explains why ratings have been high lately; vendors know that a high profile publication can make or break them, and they want to be made.

Speaking of high ratings, some of you may be curious as to how this is often times the case. It is essential for our audience to understand absolutely no promotions or paid advertising (paid anything) will ever have influence on our reviews and articles. "Integrity" is, after all, a main factor in our slogan and what has garnered us a faithful audience after our year of existence. Rest assured assessments are a genuine personal reflection of the product's worth. As mentioned, vendors have been bold enough to seek us out and have their products reviewed in front of a growing audience.

Also it should be noticed that these strains are reviewed at separated times, and so it is impossible to remember exactly how they compare. Therefore, say we have an 8.6 for Product A and 8.8 for Product B in our Reviews & Awards section. These are very close scores, and it is entirely possible that another individual, or even the same could try them back to back and feel the opposite. Nevertheless, when it comes to our medals (Bronze, Silver and Gold) we make sure to take that seriously. A gold pretty much implies a "must try."

So have no fear fellow readers, we shall continue with our assessments soon enough.


  1. I certainly can attest to the integrity of the reviews. SGG has never failed to provide the most accurate description of a certain strain. While each one of us may vary in likes and dislikes, a common core of appreciation has always been the reason this guide works best for me!

    1. What would you say are your three favorite vendors? I've been ordering from portal exclusively since finding out about kratom, and we seem to like a lot of the same varieties. :)


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