Friday, April 22, 2016

Promotion Extended Until May 31st

Due to lack of significant participation, the Portal Kratom contest with the opportunity to win up to 3 kilograms of free kratom has been extended until May 31st. Changes on Portal Botanical's website will be changed to reflect this extension. Come on guys, we're talking up to 3 free kilograms of quality kratom! Let's get the ball rolling and bring up that community participation. Any questions? Feel free to ask!


  1. I would like to review a few varieties from Portal Botanical (which I think you have listed as "Portal Kratom" on the sidebar) but I'm not sure how. Do I need to wait for an official reviewer to cover it, then just leave mine review below it as a comment?

  2. For the time being, leave your review below as a comment and e-mail to request any further updates on your total point tallies. As always, please feel free to ask any further questions to clarify any points for said contest/promotion.

    Thank you for your participation J.


  3. Firstly, I ordered some items from Portal on the other side of the US and I got it in 2 days, free shipping! Secondly, upon opening the package, it was wrapped with an outer sealed package with a variety of candy enclosed! Impressive and sweet! I ordered the Enhanced Top Shelf Full Spectrum Blend and the Thrift Shop FSB. Included with this was a sample of Red Relax and Red MD!!! Customer service has already won me over before I even try anything.
    My first option is the ETSFSB. I just got home from work so I take about 4 grams out to burn and sit down to relax. The aroma is nice and about 10 minutes later I realize the aches have disappeared and I actually feel like taking the dog for a nice walk! And, for a final personal touch, there is a hand written thank you on the invoice! I like that a lot!
    Thank you Secret Garden for what you do for the community of leaf lover's. You are greatly appreciated!

    1. Keep up the great work! We love our dedicated fans.

  4. As I mentioned previously, I'm new to the wonderful world of kratom. I'd read a little about the benefits of the plant on reddit, and to me its most appealing effects were pain and stress relief. I bought a few ounces of different reds from a few random vendors two or three times before finding Portal Botanical. I was just blindly clicking vendors from a google search. Kraken Kratom was one, and I can't remember the others off the top of my head. Once I even made a purchase on ebay. I think that was a no-no, but I still recived my product. Anyway, I was lost to say the least!

    I don't recall how I came across the Portal Botanical website. Perhaps it was a reddit post. I do however recall my first experience on their site! There was the standard "what is kratom" section which I skimmed over to refresh myself on the basics again, but the clincher was the livechat chicken stating "Please leave you message after the BOC... ...BOC BOC"! Already I was thinking this is my kind of customer service! I wasn't sure if this thing was just a bot, or if someone would actually answer my questions. I decided it give it a shot, and explained my situation and the benefits I sought from Kratom. Within a few minutes I learned this chicken was named Merry and she was just that, plus helpful! Merry told me which varieties I'd likely have the best luck with, even mentioning some reds that may not be just the kind of thing I was looking for.

    After a nice chat and some poking around, I loaded up my cart with just about every red they had at the time. I told Merry the chicken that I'd just placed an order, and since she'd mentioned that each order gets a free sample I asked if maybe she'd send me a green for something different to try. She said "how about I send you all the colors of the rainbow" :) We talked a bit more about how I'd ordered different varieties from different places and had forgotten what I liked about which strain from where. I decided I would use the site's built in review feature for Portals benefit and my own. Now when I try a new variety I really like (or in one case, didn't like) I try to leave a quick review. This is to help others in choosing, but really it's a reminder for myself when I got back to order more. There's always a new batch of something coming in, and keeping all the names straight in my head can be a little confusing!

    So my first order arrived promptly two days later. Not bad for free shipping from one corner of the country to another! I opened the padded usps envelope to find everything I ordered and several other freebies. Just like she said, there were little sample baggies with green, yellow, and white varieties. Again it was the little things that sealed the deal for me though. Along with my order and free samples was included a little draw string pouch. I opened it to find an assortment of hard candies. Along with this was a handwritten "thanks, and enjoy" note and a tiny drawing of a chicken! I know it's not the most rational or reasons to stick with a company, but that did it :D

    To know that there's someone on the other end that takes pleasure in helping the less knowledgeable, pride in their product, and time to include the personal touch. I think I've made seven or eight orders over the last few months, wanting to try out all the varieties now that Merry had been so helpful in opening my eyes to their different benefits. Every order has included some sort of little surprise or another, whether it was a sample or three, some candy, different sorts of pouches, or even a couple of tiny bamboo spoons :)

    (to be continued...)

  5. (...continued)

    On to more tangible reasons that Portal is my go-to...

    Prices are on par or lower than most places I've looked. They're always putting varieties on sale, and don't hesitate to put a batch on deep discount if they feel like it's not as potent as the one before. For that matter, they're very good about mentioning any time something has a weaker or even just different aroma. I can always find a variety to tack on to my order for another 4 or 5 bucks, just to try something different or stock up while the price is lower. Since my first order, I've been able to use some discount code or another. Sometimes as much as 20 percent off! They don't try to hide this information either. There's a link on the menu that takes you right to the available discounts. Then there is the rewards program. Just from ordering and leaving my little reviews, these points add up pretty quick and to a decent discount. It's super simple to click and see how many points you currently have, and also what you can do to earn more.

    More about the site... It's simple and straightforward to navigate, the Kratom (and the excellent soap, which I will review some time) is well organized into categories, and the search function actually works. The only drawback is that my favorite feature has been acting up lately, so they've temporarily deactivated the live chat. This hasn't really been an issue since they've been very prompt and happy to help via email. I do hope they do find a decent replacement for the live chat though. As someone new to Kratom with lots of questions, there was something really nice about popping over to the site to see what's new and leaving a message after the "BOC".

    This review was just meant to tell how I feel about Portal Botanical as a whole. More specific Kratom reviews to come, but for now I'll just say that I have not been dissapointed with any of their products. Between the fast and friendly help, and the plethora of samples provided, I wholeheartedly recommend Portal as a place for anyone new to kratom. I'm not great at describing the subtle differences I notice in the scent or perhaps remembering later to write them down, but the more I read other's reviews here on SGG, it gives me a good idea of how to go about it. So big thanks to SGG for being a place I can read and write on the subject!

    Here are a few kinda crappy pics of recent orders, but you get the idea:

    (I don't know how to format links)

    Thanks if you took the time to read all this! XD


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