Thursday, April 28, 2016


Indo Elephant just sent this bad boy in! This is their famous Luminosity strain, soon to be reviewed at SGG.
Also, please keep up the participation in our current contest. The top prize for 3 kilograms of kratom from Portal Botanical Kratom is nothing to scoff at! That's not to consider we have 2nd and 3rd place slots as well, totaling 6 kilograms of kratom and 6 grams of SEI.
The SGG will continue to strive to provide the community with up to date, dependable publications on ethnobotanicals, such as kratom in this instance. You, dear readers; we hope you continue to support the existence of our coveted garden.
Participation is crucial to the growth of a central, connected community of integrity, and not to mention some amazing prizes up for grabs.
Coming Soon
Review of Herbal Cafe's Supreme White Kapuas, Portal Kratom, and Indo Elephant's Luminosity.

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