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Best Kratom Buy & Green Malay Double Community Review by ziggy456m

*The following review is written by one of our certified assistant reviewers, ziggy456m (read about him in his Crazy Kratom review) and revised by Klato.

Based on the numerical score system, which our certified assistant reviewers are familiar with, BKB has scored a "Golden Leaf" worthy product (Plantation Maeng Da). In addition to his status as a CAR, ziggy456m has been an enthusiastic an invaluable contributor to The Garden. At this point in time, we completely vouch for his word.

Remember, a review is simply a detailed reflection of an individual's experience. The SGG provides in-depth descriptive assessments of ethnobotanical products, but clear numerical provisions is an impossibility. We make no claims of being an "end all" source for finding the best kratom, only do our best to guide you. Our reviews should direct consumers toward honest vendors who may have otherwise not made their existence known (or further recognition household names), and to keep the industry one which holds integrity. Numerical ratings help us to categorize and continue to provide an easily navigable publication.

Onto the review!

Andrew, the owner of both and was kind enough to send me a few samples of kratom from each of his two websites. You can purchase larger quantities at cheaper prices from It is more a wholesale site that is open to the general public. There is no need to run a business to qualify for ordering, and you can get as little or as much a you want.

You have the option to get multiple kilos at a cheaper price breakdown the more you buy. site has a smaller selection. Prices are more expensive, although still on track with most retailers out there, and they have higher quality as well as kratom of a more rare nature. You can buy it in quantities from 10 grams for $5, up to 100 grams for $40, and they have real Malaysian kratom from Malaysia, not Indonesia, where almost  all of the kratom in the US comes from. He sent me five samples. They came in some very basic, brick and mortar packaging. For a minute I had a flashback of buying a couple bags of Chocolate Thai from the the Rastas in Brooklyn at the bodega 20 years ago.

I burned my usual 5 grams of each sample for review.

Photo by ziggy456m

Plantation Maeng Da

Let's kick this review off with my favorite strain from BKB. Its aroma is very fresh, and gave me an overall sense of well being: both body and mind. At first I wanted to get up and do something, perhaps call some friends up, but then I ended up just being lazy and binge watching a new Netflix series. 

I felt very clear headed and it seemed to make me forget that my feet were in so much pain from breaking in a really stiff, brand new pair of DC sneakers the past 2 days. It is definitely worthy of the Maeng Da name and at $17.99/100 grams it doesn't get much better when it comes to quality and value.

Potency: 8.6/10
Value: 10/10 ($17.99/100g)
Overall: 9.1/10

Original Maeng Da

This strain was very similar to BKB's Plantation Maeng Da, almost difficult to distinguish. My first trial indicated indistinguishable results. I decided to take a two day break for another trial and it admittedly felt a little less potent than PMD (or perhaps "mellower" is a more appropriate description). Could this be attributed to increased immunity to the aroma? Quite possibly. Either way, simply stated, I liked it and would recommend it. The aroma made me feel great.

Potency: 8.4/10
Value: 10/10 ($17.99/100g)
Overall: 8.9/10

Tidak Takut

This is a white strain with a fresh aroma. I started off with a little kick of energy and overall well sense of being, but in a manner more mild than I personally prefer. It didn't seem very strong to me, but that might have something to do with the fact I burn a lot of kratom and prefer red strains. I think someone with less experience could enjoy this strain.

Potency: 7.6/10
Value: 10/10 ($17.99/100g)
Overall: 7.9/10

Green Malay

I woke up in the morning and burned my usual 5 grams in my burner. The aroma was very fresh, and effects began to take hold within approximately 20 mintes; stronger and quicker than usual. An hour after burning I started my busy day job, running circles around everyone and having a fun time doing so. You could say, I was "in the zone." Conversations with customers flew effortlessly, and best
of all time flew by noticeably. I immensely enjoyed this strain.

Potency: 8.8/10
Value: 8.8/10 ($23/50g)
Overall: 8.8/10

White Malay

The White Malay was very similar to the Green Malay, perhaps a little less potent. It didn't seem to last as long. The energy boost factor was equivalent to a couple cups of copy minus the jitters. It definitely makes for a good daytime strain. Both of these Malays were very good and I
wouldn't hesitate to recommend them personally. Remember these are my words, however: kratom has a lot to do with personal preference, so you can't entirely count on an individual's write-up.

Potency: 8.4/10
Value: 8.8/10 ($23/50g)
Overall: 8.6/10 has a great selection that includes several strains of Maeng Da, Indos, and Horned strains of all vein colors. It's quality kratom, with no frills packaging at a very affordable price. You can get 100 grams for $17.99, and up to a kilo for $110. These amazing prices are what prompted me to throw a 10 out of 10 across that board so far as value. They have a great option that allows you to split orders into 50 gram increments so you can try to different strains. They also have a customer loyalty program that gets you 10% off your next order for orders over $20 (not including shipping). has a smaller selection consisting of Green, Red (plus Red Tahi), and White Malay. They sell in quantities of 10, 25, 50, and 100 grams. The kratom is high quality and shipping is USPS Priority, usually shipped within 24 hours. Real Malaysian kratom is hard to come by and costs more for retailers due to it being illegal in Malaysia with their draconian age laws. I think these prices are more than fair and the kratom was excellent. Thanks Andrew!


  1. I ordered the Plantation MG and it is very relaxing and uplifting at the same time! I usually burn 5 to 6 grams, and this strain is at the top of my rotation! The aroma will last for hours! It calms any anxiety that may be present. I have orderdd from many companies reviewed here and this is one of my favorites to date! Highly recommended!
    Thanks! Nancy

  2. These reviews are inspiring me to make my own! Great job :)

  3. Looking forward to getting reviewed.

    1. This topic would fit more appropriately in the "Reviews/Awards" page :). We look forward to your reviewing your products as well.


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