Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Kratom Crazy Review by ziggy456m

*The following review was written by one of our certified assistant reviewers, ziggy456m and revised by Klato.

Everyone give a warm welcome to one of our new CARs (Certified Assistant Reviewers), ziggy456m! Here is a brief blurb he wrote about himself:

"My name is Mark B. I'm 40 years old and recently moved to Portland, Oregon from N.J.,where I grew up skateboarding. I also got into MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for several years. I still love both activities, although I don't do them as often as I like these days. I've gotten several injuries over the years, including a herniated and bulging disc in my back. Sometimes are worse than others. I started utilizing Kratom's aromatherapy effects over two years ago and have become a daily burner. I am constantly trying new vendors and new strains to see if something better is out there. Or perhaps, even something different... this is a perfect fit for me."

I recently reached out to Kratom Crazy to see if they wanted me to review some of their products. Kal from Kratom Crazy responded and quickly sent out three 1 ounce samples of Red Borneo, Super Green Malay, and White Indonesian. Kratom Crazy is a relatively new company based in Georgia. I like the fact that they don’t have a hundred different strains of Kratom with fabricated names. They adhere to a simpler presentation with a little under a dozen varieties of the most popular strains.

To put this in perspective, I'm the kind of guy that prefers "mom and pop restaurants" with their 2-3 paged menus over a corporate monster with a short novel for a menu. It’s easier to do things right this way. That’s my philosophy anyways. Kratom Crazy's website is very informative and has a lot of valuable information on Kratom, including info on the different alkaloids in different strains, and the importance of Kratom sustainability. They say they use 100% organic Kratom, farmed from sustainable Kratom farms. They offer affordable shipping and even FedEx or USPS overnight delivery for a fee, and if you are not 100% satisfied with the product they will give you return postage and a full refund.

Red Borneo

I started the morning burning about 5 to 7 grams of the Red Borneo. Let me first say that I’ve always preferred Red Bali to Red Borneo. The latter usually seems on the weaker side to me. The fragrance of this Red Borneo was very fresh and earthy. It left me with an overall good feeling that crept up and lasted for a good 4 or 5 hours. I have to say this is one of the better Red Borneo’s I’ve burned. It didn’t make me sleepy at all, and it was stronger than any other Red Borneo I’ve had.

VALUE: 9/10 ($36 for 4 oz.)
OVERALL: 8.5/10

Super Green Malay

The next morning I started by burning my usual 5 to 7 grams, this time of the Super Green Malay. This was my first time experimenting with Green Malaysian and it was a pleasant one. It was a little stronger than the Red Borneo and gave me a slight boost of energy without any jitters. I just found myself accomplishing tasks that I had been procrastinating for some time. The aroma brought about a nice euphoric feeling that lasted for several hours. I felt very sociable with a notably elevated mood. I really like this strain a lot and look forward to ordering some more in the future.

POTENCY: 8.3/10
VALUE: 9.0/10 ($13 for 1 oz.)
OVERALL: 8.7/10

White Indonesian

The following day I had a lot of stuff to accomplish so I put about 7 grams of the White Indonesian in my incense burner. All three samples were very fresh and had a good earthy fragrance. Thirty (30) minutes after burning I was feeling really good. I walked outside into my world of responsibilities. After walking to the bus stop, headphones in ears, I had to take two busses and a train to go to my new job orientation that lasted for 3 hours. Then I traversed the same trek back home.

Despite the humdrum trail of activities, I was feeling good, motivated and alert. My music was particularly enjoyable, and I found myself in a sociable mood when meeting new people. On a normal day I would probably have faked an asthma attack to get out of this stupid orientation, but the effects of the White Indo made this "adventure" more enjoyable while simultaneously making some new friends. It was a good clean feeling; very uplifting, and no jitters. On the way home I was relishing the sound of my music so much, I was in no hurry to get where I was going.

Of the three I was sent, this was my favorite strain. The Super Green Malay poses a close second.

POTENCY: 8.8/10
VALUE: 9.2/10
OVERALL: 9.0/10

Bottom Line: Kratom Crazy may be a new vendor, but they're doing things the right way from the beginning. They have high quality Kratom and one of the cheapest online vendors I have dealt with. They offer a full refund with return shipping if you are not completely satisfied... so what do you have to lose? Thanks Kal!

Samples provided by Kal from Kratom Crazy


  1. How did you get ahold of kratom crazy? I ordered from them, they got their money and I haven't gotten a confirmation email. I have also tried to call, email and fill out contact forms to no avail...if you could help me out, that would've awesome!

  2. Same here, placed an order over the weekend. They provided a tracking number with USPS but it has not been uploaded to the system. NOW the phone mail box is full, no communication. No idea why the lack of communication.

  3. I ordered a week ago and got the delivery confirmation and tracking. Tracking info did not appear to be updated with shipper but the package arrived about 6 days later. Professional packaging.

  4. I ordered on a Saturday, arrived on Monday. a little glitch with the credit card order but resolved quickly and unlike the posters above I had the order before they said it would ship. the usps tracking was spot on and when it said delivered it was sitting outside my door.


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