Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kaleidoscope Kratom Review

Stacy over at Kaleidoscope Botanicals sent us a sampler of her 7 kratom strains: Bentuangie, Golden Gem, Green Focus, Kaleidoscope Bland, Red Relief, Mellow Maeng Da and White Lightning.

Seeing as how I often like to mix aromas myself, the fact that Kaleidoscope provides you with a custom made proprietary blend is intriguing. According to Stacy, the blend is "mostly white, add some green and just a tiny bit of red added to it." Kaleidoscope makes for a relatively focused strain with mild pleasant sedation and moderate pain relief. This is indeed a fantastic incense to burn before heading into a productive day of work.
There is absolutely nothing foggy about its aroma.

Kaleidoscope Blend: 8.6/10

In order from most sedating to the most stimulating strains.

Red Relief - a fitting name, this strain indeed provides a sufficient amount of pain relief (which God knows I need for my osteoarthritis!) along with sedation. A good burn before bedtime. Not recommended for daytime aromatherapy sessions because of the pronounced sedation and "heavy eyelid" effect.

Overall Assessment: 8.6/10

Bentuangie - According to Stacy, this is "a red dried differently." A well dried powder would theoretically pack more potency. The sedation effects are lighter than that of "Red Relief," while providing a similar (albeit slightly less) degree of pain relief. This should make it easy enough for you to make your own judgement if you find yourself in a predicament between this pair :).

Overall Assessment: 8.6/10

Mellow Maeng Da - We are starting to continue into relatively familiar territory. Again, this makes for a marginally higher ratio of sedating than stimulating. The quality is just as well.

Overall Assessment: 8.6/10

Golden Gem - An interesting strain. I guess it's a natural psychological phenomenon to take quick notice

Overall Assessment: 8.6/10

Green Focus - I really enjoyed this one. It made for a good start to the work day. Eager, in good spirits and ready to deliver.

Overall Assessment: 8.6/10

White Lightning - this one most certainly packs a punch. However, at higher concentrations (~6g) it can cause some anxiety if you are prone. Like I say with most good white strains, it sure as hell beats a cup of coffee.

Overall Assessment: 8.6/10

As of the time of this article, they have a 10 oz. special labeled "Your Choice" in the image. Although it is unclear about how the choices are made, the $44.99 deal is killer. That's only around $4.49/oz., and seeing as how Kaleidoscope's products yield some stellar potency and pleasant aromas,  this is wonderful news to all kratom fans who are looking to try something new.

Hmm... is it just me or is there a pattern in these ratings? Let's say overall, this vendor provides very specifically named products that define their name's sake

- I love the style of this vendor. They are certainly new. They are also kicking off with a strong sense of style. Their website is very cleanly presented, and the concepts behind their products as well as what it delivers in their aromatherapy is laudable. I am excited to see what Kaleidoscope will continue to offer. Definitely recommended to give a shot for whatever caters most to your needs.

UPDATE: Kaleidoscope Botanicals seems to like our review :). They are offering a discount exclusive to the Secret Garden Guide Society (you guys!). Enter SECRET at the end of your order for 15% off.

Home Page: Kaleidoscope Botanicals

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