Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Coming Soon to The Secret Garden!

For those of you who haven't been keeping up with our Facebook page (shame on you), here are a couple of products you can expect to soon be included in SGG's canon of reviews.

The Herbal Cafe
Kaleidoscope Kratom
In less fortunate news, it would seem as though our next planned promoter has backed out for legitimate reasons. It's not much of a secret that we are approaching the darker ages of kratom, but let us not be discouraged and instead become more vigilant in spreading the good word and benefits of this miracle tree.

We highly recommend becoming a member of the I Love Kratom forum. They have an extremely congenial community of likeminded individuals who, well.... love kratom! There website has also done much to support and lobby for its continued existence.

Vendors such as Kratom Eye have also done much to push for preserving the legality of kratom. We suggest giving them a visit, and also letting us know on either this page or our Facebook page of any other important entities lobbying for kratom.

Also, when leaving comments on our page, please be sure to read our terms and conditions for posts. It is written directly under the comment box. Comments that do not adhere will not be published. That being said, we encourage as much participation as possible to pull together a more tight knit community.

Take care everyone! We'll be back soon with a review of Kaleidoscope Botanicals, followed by The Herbal Cafe.

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