Sunday, February 7, 2016

Online Kratom Follow-Up Review

One of our assistant reviewers, Maniac Leer, wrote a magnificent and detailed review of some of Online Kratom's products. For the most part, our assessments are strikingly similar--a good indication of consistent quality. Fundamentally, the only difference between our reviews is that I feel Ganesha Fusion is their most noteworthy strain as opposed to Maniac's propensity for their Kali Red Indo. This is relatively ironic considering white is not my vein of choice, and all the more reason for praise.

Ganesha Fusion

Ganesha Fusion is one of the two... OK, perhaps three strains (out of the five kindly provided by Adrian of Online Kratom) deserving of high praise, and so I will expound on these three products in particular for the sake of brevity.

One of America's (and much more) favorite habits, coffee, hardly holds a candle light to the aroma of Ganesha Fusion in terms of the outstanding boost of energy many seek to kickstart their day. Personally, I do not handle stimulants such as caffeine well. It's hard to believe that aromatherapy can be this powerful in naturally increasing your focus and motivation. In addition to the pleasant stimulation which lacks any negative effects such as the jitters, there is a notable enhancement in mood and sense of well being.

Maniac Leer described the sensation as being in "God Mode" (a term coined by video gamers). Perhaps this is a bit of an exaggeration, but my experience is consistent when it comes to the elevated enjoyment of music and a more intimate connection with the environment.

Ganesha Fusion is hands down the greatest white vein to grace my incense bowl. I am typically not a fan of white veins... the aroma can sometimes rouse a little unwelcome anxiety. For this reason, it is deserving of the Golden Leaf Award (therefore catapulting Ganesha into the higher ranks of our hall of fame).

Stimulating Properties: 9.0/10 - an extremely healthy and clean feeling burst of energy/focus.

Mood Enhancement: 9.2/10 - has the mood enhancing properties of caffeine, except basically sans everything that sucks about caffeine: jitters, anxiety, hyperactivity, elevated heartbeat, etc. Ganesha is unquestionably the cleanest boost of energy I have ever experienced in my dabblings of kratom related aromatherapy.

Value: 8.3/10 ($19.10 / 15g) - Online Kratom's website throws out the caveat that "this is generally stronger than 'standard' strains." They aren't wrong! Unfortunately, what they don't mention is that Ganesha is relatively pricey in comparison to other quality brands of near or on par quality products.

However, this hardly disqualifies Ganesha Fusion as deserving of The Golden Leaf Award. Ganesha is a unique and thoroughly pleasant experience. If only it were slightly cheaper (deep sigh...).

Overall: 9.0/10

Kali Red Indo & Brahma Bali

Kali Red Indo and Brahma Bali I found were pretty much on the same level as each other--and both equally wonderful. Kali Red Indo was slightly more drowsy for better or for worse (like Maniac said, good for curbing insomnia). Brahma Bali is marginally superior to Kali Red when it comes to remaining 100% productive at $1 more ($6.90 vs. $7.90). Both are terrific value strains on the sedating side of aromatherapy (my personal preference).

Kali Red Indo

Sedative Potency: 8.5/10
Value: 8.9/10 ($6.90 / 15g)
Overall: 8.7/10

Brahma Bali

Sedative Potency: 8.0/10 - slightly more clear headed than Kali.
Value: 8.8/10 ($7.90 / 15g)
Overall: 8.8/10

Indra Fusion & Shiva Maeng Da

My assessments of these two strains are, again, consistent with Maniac Leer's fantastically detailed review.

Shiva Maeng Da

Decidedly the weakest of the five strains I was sent, I can sum Shiva Maeng Da up into one sentence/equation:

Shiva Maeng Da = Kali Red Indo - some sedative and mood enhancing properties (that make the latter superior).

Mood Enhancement: 7.0/10
Value: 7.2/10 ($13.10 / 15g)
Overall: 7.5/10

Indra Fusion

Much like Maniac stated, Indra Fusion is, in fact, very effective when it comes to pain relief. Also akin to our other two fantastic certified assistant reviewers (let's call them C.A.R.s!), I too experience pain--sporting an inflamed, bum knuckle that periodically surges with stinging pain. However, the premiere product choice ($1 more for less leaves in 'standard' = more alkaloid by unit of weight) is a moderately expensive choice compared to O.K.'s own superior and less expensive alternatives.

With Karna for potentiation of potency and blue lotus for its relaxing properties, I am surprised I did not enjoy this strain more. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it... I did. Indra just didn't amount to my expectations. That being said, Indra is still a solid Kratom product. Whether or not it's worth the elevated price is the more important question.

Pain Relief: 8.5/10
Mood Enhancement: 7.5/10
Value: 7.0/10 ($13.20 / 15g)
Overall: 8.2/10

Samples courtesy of Online Kratom


  1. How many grams of the Ganesha Fusion did you burn? I know there's a bit of an extract mixed in, so I'm assuming you wouldn't need to put as much in your incense bowl.

  2. For the purpose of the review, I filled my incense bowl with 5 grams. Effects are subjective to each individual, however, and will vary.


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