Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Indo Elephant Super Review

Indo Elephant has been reviewed here before by our resident assistant Little Bear. This was his first review, and so he used a slightly different scale for overall ratings. Subsequent to his review, Indo offered to send strains for an official review to be eligible for one of the coveted Colored Leaf Awards.

Indo Elephant sent us 2 professionally packaged tins, like a slightly larger altoids box. Each box held 6 strains of kratom for a total of 12. I'll be keeping these tins for later!

The following assessments were made with 5g of each incense. For the sake of brevity I will break down the products by vein color.

WHITE VEINS - Indo Elephant sure sent out a lot of whites! I have mentioned in my reviews before that white is not my vein of preference, as I get overstimulated easily. However, I am becoming increasingly fond of white's ability to enhance focus ever since I stumbled upon Online Kratom's Ganesha Fusion, a pleasantly potent white blend.

All of their whites are for sure up to snuff. White Elephant MD, White Borneo and White Sumatra strains are more or less the same so far as the effects, which are more than satisfactory for the price (under $6/oz. for Elephant and Borneo, and less than $5 for Sumatra). Naturally, being a white vein, one would anticipate mood and focus enhancing properties with a boost of energy. All of I.O.'s white strains succeed when it comes to delivering these expectations. See for yourself if you can find a personal preference, then be sure to let us know your thoughts.

White Lion, on the other hand, did stand out from the crowd of whites. Its focus and mood enhancing effects were terrific, never overwhelming. This strain comes highly recommended. It appears as if at the time of this review that they only sell White Lion in 4 oz. batches ($25.34). At just a little more than $6/oz., this is one wicked deal.

White Vein Horn (White Lion) $25.34/4 oz. - 8.8/10
White Elephant MD $11.31/2 oz. - 8.5/10
White Borneo $11.31/2 oz. - 8.4/10
White Vein Sumatra $9.89/2 oz. - 8.3/10


"Named because [Julman] chooses only the greenest leaves from his Sumatra strains. He's the one who called it super, I just added his name to it." (Andrew) Julman's Super Green Vein is probably the best of the lot, although it becomes difficult to discern between the strains. All of the greens lend a decent deal of focusing, mild mood enhancement and pain relief. I've injured myself (and seem to keep doing so) so much recently that it's almost a blessing Indo Elephant sent this over for a review. Sometimes I found time periods could pass without even thinking of the pain. All of the greens are fantastic level-headed sensations. This renders Green veins a good color to burn during the day.

Julman's Super Green Vein Sumatra $20.24/4 oz. - 8.6/10
Green Hornet (Green Horn) $12.20/2 oz. - 8.5/10
Green Elephant MD $11.31/2 oz. - 8.5/10
Green Vein Sumatra $ 9.89/2 oz. - 8.3/10


Indo Elephant sent over 3 red strains. They were all very pleasant and effective circa 5-6 grams. The Red Dragon probably takes the cake in this category. It is a real winner as for as anxiolytics, sedative, mood enhancing and pain relieving properties... all from the aroma of a single plant! Kratom's therapeutic power again prove how incredible its aromatherapy powers are.

There really is not a huge difference between any of the following three strains. This is definitely something I would suggest trying out yourself. However, I would say the Red Dragon is more potent by weight, as is Red Elephant over Sumatra.

Red Horn (Red Dragon)14.44/2 oz. - 8.7/10
Red Elephant MD $12.59/2 oz. - 8.5/10
Red Vein Sumatra $17.71/4 oz.- 8.3/10


Just the name itself is enticing.  Unfortunately not quite as exciting as the name, the strain is "mid range in alkaloid content" ( That's not to say it's a waste. The price tag is appropriate at just a little more than $7 an oz. (at the 2 oz. rate)

Gold Vein Plantation Thai $14.14/2 oz - 8.7/10

To conclude and state the obvious based on my comments, Indo Elephant's products are consistent in their quality. The tin can packaging was very aesthetically pleasing, but I'm quite sure they are only included in certain orders. You would have to email them to clear this up I suppose.

Not only did Indo Elephant send a generous sampler of their products, they even added a handwritten greeting card. Nothing significant, but a classy gesture nonetheless.

"Hello Klato,

I have included our 12 strains, each being 10g. If you have any questions, please let us know!

-Heather & Andrew"

Heather and Andrew are congenial individuals who run a good honest business. Indo Elephant is very deserving of the Silver Leaf Award, a sign of recognition for consistent quality and a well-diversified inventory. I heavily encourage kratom fans give them a shot and share their experiences.

Samples generously provided by Indo Elephant


  1. Another vendor that pays people to promote their business by sending free kratom. I tried their red horn dragon 3 times and all 3 times, it was BUNK. Loaded with stem and vein and dark brown powdered leaf. Garbage! I won't buy since the dipshit owner shared over 100 customer email addresses in a mass emailing. Some people were using work emails and may have lost their jobs over that.

    1. "Free kratom" is hardly fuel for the fire that keeps this site running; we are all about the community. Since word is all we can have in this sector on the internet, I can give you mine that this review is a thoroughly honest assessment. Actually reading the review will tell you this much. It is quite apparent there is no blind shower of praise to be found, just some detailed observations.

      We don't throw around scores and gold awards haphazardly here at The SGG. As we approach our 1st year anniversary on the internet, I find it startling that anyone can think that this hard earned integrity could be sacrificed over... "free product." The respect and recognition we have garnered as one of the few 100% honest publications is invaluable.

      "Anonymous," I am not implying you are pointing a finger at The SGG (I hope not?), but I feel that this is an appropriate comment (despite the loaded language) as an example of the division of consumers who retain their skepticism, and rightfully so due to the myriad of "bunk" (to utilize your vernacular) publications and vendors polluting the web presently (that's why we're here!). The proprietors of I.E. came across as honest individuals with no foul intentions and I can only hope that what you say is merely hearsay.

      As for Indo Elephant, I cannot speak for them or anything they may or may not have done. This is simply a review of samples supplied by I.E. some time ago. In fact a very similar comment was left on Little Bear's review (see link in review) so I am hardly shocked to hear similar comments. It would seem from my research as though I.E. is heavily involved in the "Kratom" subreddit community which has politics of its own I dare not even try to penetrate. Strangely (or not so strangely) enough, up until this review any posts associated with SGG were instantly downvoted. I have personally ceased to make any attempts to post on Reddit up until this review, only because I saw a lot of talk about I.E. so I am hardly surprised at the controversy.

      Readers are always encouraged to express their own opinion, as you have. Corporate politics are not a part of The SGG and never will be.

    2. So, this Anonymous is probably the same one who bombs reddit all day about how we "leaked" emails via a carbon copy mistake to other customers. No one lost their job as a result of this, because only other customers saw other customers email addresses. This Anonymous flaming us for Red Horn that he supposedly purchase not one, after being unhappy but *twice* after being unhappy with it, should have messaged us, and we would have gladly refunded his order(s) completely. We work in an entirely different league than some vendors. We will literally give you your money back if you are not happy, end of story. We had 2 kilos out of 20 kilos of Red Horn that was less than satisfactory, and we have made it right with every customer who emailed us. As far as me being guilty of "free kratom", I'm guilty as charged. They secret shopped us, and reviewed us. We sent them a ton of kratom, and it was on par with what they ordered. We sent them exactly what can be purchased from us. As far as Anonymous, you will be the most angry when we win a double gold with our Luminosity. So keep your page refreshed.


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