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"Pharmacy Dropout Potpourri Review" By Little Bear

*The following review is written by one of SGG's authorized assistant reviewers, Little Bear and revised by Klato.

Photo by Little Bear
"Pharmacy dropout LLC." Stick around the water cooler long enough and you will hear the words "Jeff" and "Pharmacy Dropout." It takes no more than a single experience to realize how genuinely passionate this man Jeff is about botanicals, Kratom in particular.

A quaint individually-run business, Pharmacy Dropout LLC sells bargain Mitragyna Speciosa, Kava extracts, Thunder God Vine extracts and other botanical substances. He also offers free shipping.

I have ordered from Pharmacy Dropout in the past, and like a few other vendors I rotate through, I know his products are always consistent in quality. Seeing as how I haven't won the The Secret Garden Guide and Pharmacy Dropout LLC's Cyber Lottery yet, that is essential when it comes to busting out my own wallet :). 

Below I have reviewed my typical burn quantities of 4g, as well as 4g/2g blends.

Malaysian Pig (4g) - HUGE LEAVES!! This is definitely a special strain. It had the mixed aroma of a green and red vein. Worked well to start off my day with added energy and pain relief. 4g was the perfect stepping stone to achieve an aroma that brought with it a brightness in body and a clarity in mind.

ENERGY: 7.5/10

Green Riau (4g) - For starters, Green Riau is a very unique strain. At 4g it has a good sense of well-being and some energy that isn't overly jittery. Just a tad different from the green horn with it's unique aroma (you could easily mix up some unique blends with Green Riau). Overall it is a good strain to burn any time of the day. 

ENERGY: 7/10


Red Horned (4g) - I decided to re-evaluate this SGG Golden Leaf Award Winner since it has been for quite some time, many batches ago. It still deserves this honors. At 4g, I was impressed at how uplifting of a strain this was for me. With the analgesic properties that I've come to love in reds and the stimulating aroma of a green/white, I felt simultaneously relaxed and productive.

ENERGY: 6.5/10
OVERALL: 9.0/10

Green Horn (4g) - It's nice to find something out there that is neither too stimulating or sedating. This strain falls right in the middle of the spectrum. At 4 grams, this Green Horn has a delictable, clean aroma. 

ENERGY: 7.0/10
OVERALL: 7.5/10

White Horned (4g) Like a morning cup of coffee This aroma was motivating. I had consistent energy throughout the day, but not too extreme. I sensed an uplift in mood and the analgesic properties of this strain were right up there with any White MD I have taken.

ENERGY: 8/10

Bentuangie refers to the drying process. The whole leaves are placed inside of plastic bags, and left in the sun to partially "ferment" in their own natural moisture. After this is done, there is a drying process, and then the product is milled into a fine or semi-fine powder.

Green Bentuangie from sumatra - leery that this strain aroma would leave me tired and lethargic all day went right out the window about 20 minutes following my 4g dose. I was very surprised with this uplifting aroma. I was engaged to say the least in all activities that was in front of me.

ENERGY: 7/10

Red Fermented Bentuangie from Sumatra - Although this is in the lower end of the spectrum as far as reds are concerned this strain acted as a catalyst to jump start my creative juices. I wasn't too stimulated nor overly tired. In fact, I felt very engaged in my activities.

Energy: 5.0/10
OVERALL: 8.5/10

Pharmacy Dropout is not a corporate giant in this industry. With so much competition and wholesalers with rock-bottom prices, PD is a smaller company that floats around with its head above the water. It is of my opinion that we need to keep companies like his around. Why, you ask? Jeff is not in this to just make a quick buck and sell low-grade botanicals. This shines through his service and the high quality of his botanicals consistent with all of my purchases. He is an avid member of the kratom community at ILOVEKRATOM.COM and he donates part of his proceeds toward the "American Kratom Association" (AKA). I think this is a fantastic display of ethics; a great way to run a company and give it a good name!

Don't just take my word for it! Stop sitting around the water cooler and actually take a drink; you won't regret your experience.

PRICE : $30/100g  
SERVICE: 10/10. Jeff is the full package when it comes to running business, and this isn't just my opinion. Many customers will testify to his integrity.


PD is definitely worth the burn. Aromas may differ from person to person. Feel free to share your thoughts on your own experiences!

Thanks for reading! 
Little Bear


  1. I recently ordered several strains of kratom from PD, shipping was great,and Jeff is the man! Everything seems really good. I'll write a better comment on the product after a few days of trying the strains.

  2. I have to agree with Little Bears review of the Malaysian Pig. It had a smooth, get up and get things done aroma, while producing a real clarity of mind. A really good, long lasting aroma from a Pig, surprising! I burned about 6 to 8 grams (I have a high tolerance). I felt the affects gradually come over me in between 30 min. and an hour. All of a sudden, I realize I feel good. Very subtle, but there nevertheless. I felt like taking on a cleaning project,  and was content and happy. It lasted about 4 or 5 hours. I give it a 7.5 for Potency and an 8 Overall. I also agree with Little Bears review of the Red Horned Malaysian. It is a very uplifting strain, while at the same time having strong analgesic properties. I know it's a Red, but an hour after burning it I decided to walk to the Supermarket to grab a few groceries. The funny thing is I just jogged the whole way there. I'm lazy. I usually don't even walk there. I have to say a little exercise felt great. I'd say my usual 6 to 8 gram burn lasted for about 5 hours. I give it a 8 for Potency and a 8.5 Overall.

  3. I also have tried burning Red Borneo, my usual 6 to 8 grams. I had a good night and ended up going out with some friends. The smell of the Red Borneo stuck with me for the 4 or 5 hours I was out, although it was very mellow to me, a lightly uplifting feeling somewhere under my surface. The analgesic properties were not as strong as the Red Horn or the next strain I'm going to write about, but perfect for a mellow night out or someone who is not as heavy of a incense burner as I am. I give it a 7 for Potency, and a 7 Overall. Now, my favorite  out of the strains I got, Red Northern Sumatran Maeng Da. Pharmacydropout had just gotten it in the day I ordered it, so it is very fresh and at $30 for a 100 grams , for a Maeng Da, very cheap. It had a very fresh smell and 20 minutes after putting it in my inscent burner I started feeling an uplift in my mood and it only got better. It's a very analgesic strain and extremely uplifting. I say uplifting in that I felt good, it raised my spirit, but not necessarily my energy level. I also felt loose, light, and relaxed. This strain is a good one for people seeking pain relief. It lasted a good 5 or 6 hrs. I give it a 8.5 for Potency and a 9 Overall!
       Pharmacydropout is a small Family owned shop, with high quality kratom and other ethnobotanicals, great prices, fast shipping, and an owner that will do everything he can to make sure you are satisfied. Overall, I give Pharmacydropout a 9 out of 10 rating.

    1. I can honestly say, after researching many different companies and reviews,I narrowed my search down to 3 places,PDO being one of them. I have ordered from them several times tyring to find the right one for my personal needs. I have yet to find one product of offering to be anything less than superb in quality. I also trust that each one will be of exceptional quality as well! I will continue to support them in their efforts to give back to the community and keep looking out for our loved plant! Not to mention, the price is as reasonable as it gets. Win, win for everybody. So, if you haven't tried them.....what are you waiting for?

    2. I decided not to wait, and have been ordering from Pharmacy Dropout. Their products and customer service is wonderful and I am so happy to have found this company, Thank you, from Golda55


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