Monday, January 25, 2016

Maniac Leer's Review of Kratom Paradise's White Maeng Da

A warm welcome to Maniac Leer, the latest addition to our team of assistant reviewers. Maniac Leer is a freelance artist from Texas. He has a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a masters in psychology. He was born in San Diego, California but moved to Texas at the age of 15. Married for almost 7 years, he is also the proud father of 5 year-old girl.

Here is Maniac Leer's first review, revised by Klato. The following is a review of White Maeng Da from Kratom Paradise:

I have been burning maeng da incense for a few months now from different vendors. I most often work with red veined strains, usually burning approximately 4-5 grams in a single session. The aroma lasted for 4-5 hours. I decided to experiment with white veined strain to assess the effects of its aroma.

I burned a modest amount of 2 grams to gauge the white vein's effects. The 2 grams impressively exuded an aroma that lasted 6-7 hours. As soon as I opened the bag the smell was very earthy but not pungent like the red vein I am used to. Effects were notable withing 15-20 minutes.

I felt very energetic and sociable. I am typically reserved and quiet, but on this day I was very talkative with everyone I bumped into. I broke my femur bone about 2 months ago. It causes pain and stiffness in my bone. Kratom Paradise's White Maeng Da effectively alleviated pain and stiffness. This is particularly important to me seeing as how the mere aroma of Kratom has been more effective in pain management than medical prescriptions I have received.

I would give this strain a solid 9/10 for its pleasant stimulating and analgesic effects, along with the enhanced sense of social engagement. It is decidedly the most potent Kratom strain I have burned.

-Maniac Leer

Kratom Paradise's Official Web Page (link removed for ban)

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