Monday, January 4, 2016

"Kratom Paradise" Review (by Little Bear)

*The following review has been written by Little Bear, one of our approved assistant reviewers.

These strains from Kratom Paradise are in my rotation, which typically last 2-3 days and are my daily "go to" strains.

Being a single full-time father of an active little girl, taking care of my elderly parents all while working, kratom helps with my neck and shoulder pain. I am able to stay on top of my other duties all while not feeling overly sedated and tired throughout the day. These are not the type of strains I burn before I go to sleep. 


A Wonderful White Strain  
I've been looking for a good White maeng da and Kratom Paradise has a real good product. Stimulating but not the anxious kind. An uplift for the day. I ordered 100g more to put in my rotation.

An awesome Green Strain  
Kratom paradise has a real good green malay. It's mildly stimulating with a positive aroma. A good strain on its own or Blended with white maeng da is a sure way to go about your day.

A perfect aroma  
This Red maeng da (And I love Red Maeng da) has all the qualities I want. Pain relief without the sedation. At low doses it allows me to have a clean burn of energy. I just ordered another 100g.

The aroma diminishes at around 3-4 hours (aromas results may vary from person to person)

Photo by "Little Bear"
POTENCY: 8/10 3g
VALUE ($22.50/100g): 8.5/10
OVERALL: 8.9/10 -  A smooth, clean  energy with an uplifting euphoria. Perfect for waking up and being productive. These strains have become a staple in my vendor/strain rotation.

P.S. These blends make a fantastic concoction:
2g Red MD + 2g Green Malay + 2g White MD  (a total of 6g) = a great balance

These strains can be found on Kratom Paradise's site.


  1. Over the last few months that I have ordered from them, I have ordered the same strains and they have Always been consistent. Their Kratom is ground up real nice to allow for a nice burn. And I have always had the same trustworthy Aroma each time.

    Kratom Paradise has great customer service. Robert Harjes, and his staff have always responded quickly with any questions I have had. They get an invoice sent to you immediatly and as soon as you pay they are working to get your kratom out the door.

    For a decent price that is nice to my wallet and a rewards system each and every time I buy, Kratom paradise never dissapoints me and that Is why it has become at the top of my vendor rotation. Leave a comment below and tell me what your thoughts are of them?

  2. After reading your review and hearing other positive experiences, I finally decided to try Kratom Paradise. I didn't know if the low prices would mean a lower quality product but thankfully that's not the case. The products were all very potent. I would have to say their white vein maeng da might be my new favorite strain. Anyways I just wanted to thank you for helping me choose a great new Kratom vendor.

    1. I'm glad you trusted our reviews enough to try them. And I am very grateful that you took the time to let me know. I agree with you about that white MD, It blends wonderfully as well. It's definitely one I have kept in my rotation. Thanks for your thoughts

  3. I agree, high quality product, customer service that is superb and reasonably priced 10/10.


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