Thursday, January 21, 2016

Keep Kratom Legal!

One of our previously reviewed companies, Kratom Eye just shared an important article on our Facebook page this morning. It includes links to documents which can help you play a part in keeping Kratom legal. Kratom Eye Eye is a huge proponent for a rational law system--which involves keeping Kratom legal. Just take a look at the plethora of personal testimonies, a handful of them on's forums.
Our own resident assistant reviewer Little Bear suffers from chronic pain and has found a miracle in Kratom. Its unique aroma offers a non-narcotic alternative to pain management and has enabled him to actively engage in raising his daughter as a single parent while maintaining a productive lifestyle.
Please consider your part in keeping Kratom legal if you have your own personal story to touch lawmakers. Remind them that Kratom's continued existence is a benefit, not a hazard to society.

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