Saturday, January 9, 2016

"Indo Elephant" Review (by Little Bear)

I am always searching for new vendors to add to my rotation; this company managed to impress me enough with its quality customer service and all around caring attitude toward its customers that piqued my interest. You can find Andrew & Heather (the owners) making their rounds on Reddit, answering questions posting weekly discount codes (which I gladly take advantage of).

Their site is somewhat easy to navigate. It's definitely a work in progress, but don't let this deter you from making a purchase. Being a fledgling company, they are still constantly evolving. Just recently they have had to make a few changes; if you go to their website you will need to scroll all the way down and click on "Ceremonial Leaf."

I decided to try out some of my favorites: I bought a small sample (28g) of the Red Horn (Red Dragon), the Green (Elephant) MD, and the White (Elephant) MD. Shipping was quick. It was over the Christmas holiday rush and I still had it in about 3-4 days. When it arrived, I got a handwritten thank you on my invoice from both of the owners.

Enough about the company itself... let's talk about their strains :).



White (Elephant) MD At 3.5 grams the white MD is a very clean, energetic strain. I was very impressed with how smooth it was. I was clear-minded with an all around sense of motivation. I kept thinking to myself "wow, this isn't bad," and I didn't feel like I needed to burn again for a good period of time. The aroma started to diminish after about 4-5 hours but minimally so.  I would give this strain about an 8/10 for stimulation with noticeable analgesic properties.
Green (Elephant) MD
3.5 g - The Green Elephant is exactly what a Maeng Da should be: crisp, clean and motivating.  Their Kratom is like a fine dust; I only noticed a light euphoria. I found this strain really great to blend with my Red & White MD. 6/10 for stimulation, and very smooth.

Red Horn (Red dragon) 3.5 grams - The Red Vein Horn I got from them is great. Great euphoria and pain relieving properties. The warm/fuzziness had more depth than some other red horns I have had. Personally, I noticed a rather stimulating aroma for being a red vein. 5/10 stimulation

 *aromas and results may very from person to person.

After ravaging through my Indo elephant rotation, I wished I had ordered a little more. Good thing I won a $5 discount in their raffle they had! I will be definitely be purchasing from them again.

All around Indo elephant scores:

POTENCY: 8/10 3.5g
VALUE ($7.93/28g): 7/10

My favorite "Little Bears Blend" with Indo elephant.
3.5g of white (Elephant) MD + 2.5g Green (Elephant) MD = 6g

Give them a try and let me know what your thoughts are.


See their website and products @ Indo Elephant


  1. I tried the red horn dragon, 3 ounces worth and did several weeks of testing, putting it up against HS' Maha Kali red vein. The Maha Kali won on all levels. The red horn dragon had a very faint aroma and a somewhat muted effect. I was fortunate enough to have had a 30% off coupon code because I ordered soon after they opened.

  2. Just got the white elephant.
    Great aroma. Uplifting and pleasant. Little bears review is spot on. Ordering again for sure.

  3. Fantastic products and exceptional service from BOTH of these folks. Its strange that there is almost identical "rant" comments wherever IE is spoken of, be it reddit, here, or other K sites. Ive been ordering for years and took a chance on the new IE in December and could not be happier.

  4. Excellent product,tried the green vein Malay and the green vein horn. Very uplifting and great way to start the day! Loved the samples too. I'm going to try their other products also plus their customer service is great!


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