Thursday, January 14, 2016

Help Us Keep Kratom Alive and Well!

Fellow gardeners; these are dire times. We need your help! Kratom Eye has kindly provided us with a simple template to help ensure Kratom's safe haven in the garden:

The future of Kratom’s legality (particularly in Florida) is at stake. We need as many gardeners as possible to copy/paste the information from this word document in your email to send to these email addresses. Paste these email addresses into your "to:" field (it may need to be broken into 2 email efforts depending on your email software’s limitations). Knowing your time is precious, we have made it as easy for you by utilizing Google Docs. If you prefer downloading the files and/or calling the representatives via phone, please refer to this & this.

Please DO NOT FORGET to add your name to the bottom of the word doc, after “Thank you for your consideration” and replace the YOUR NAME HERE text with your own name. It would be beneficial to embellish your email with personal reasons for keeping kratom legal. Include your story; why it is important to you personally, etc by placing this info at the bottom of the aforementioned word document directly above your signature. It can be brief, and you would solidify yourself as an integral Secret Garden Soldier in changing/affecting the future and history of Kratom in the U.S!

An added bonus: verify that you have participated in this important event by CC'ing your e-mail to and earn yourself an extra ticket in the ongoing Pharmacy Dropout Cyber Raffle

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