Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Win a Free Kilogram of Kratom from Pharmacy Dropout!

As a way of celebrating the return of Secret Garden Guide, we have a little surprise for you...

The Pharmacy Dropout Cyber Raffle

This contest, and those which will follow are designed to provide kratom consumers with opportunities to win free products while simultaneously building upon the community as a whole, bringing us closer together.

  • Liking our Facebook Page. (EASY!)
  • Following us on Twitter. (PIECE OF CAKE!)
  • Following Pharmacy Dropout on Facebook. (CHILD'S PLAY!)
  • Clicking the Google+ icon on any of our posts. (YOU CAN DO IT!)
    • One ticket for every two +'s. Submit proof to secretgardenguide@gmail.com. Plusses must remain valid until the end of the contest (and ideally beyond).
  • Making a significant post (one of use to The SGG and the kratom community) on either FB or Twitter. (NOT BAD!)
  • Posting a follow-up comment of significance on any of our reviews. (NOT HARD AT ALL!)
    • The name you use to post (cannot be anonymous) will be entered into the raffle.
  • Placing a link to SGG on a forum, web page, or social media page. (WORTH THE WORK FOR AN EXTRA TICKET!)
    • Email a screenshot and URL to secretgardenguide@gmail.com for verification. This link MUST NOT be considered spamming by any conservative standards, and must stay up until the end of the contest.
On January 31st, 2016 all cyber tickets will be input into an applet which will generate a random selection for winner... who gets a full kilo of kratom!


Be sure to visit www.pharmacy-dropout.com to see their fantastic selection of quality kratom products. Then dream about which strain you'd like a free kilo of... perhaps your dreams will come true :).

Stay tuned for any updates, we may add additional means of acquiring cyber tickets! Make use of the comment box for any questions regarding the contest.

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