Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Weeeeee're Back!

Sincerest apologies for the prolonged silence here at the SGG. Klato has been busy with his studies and other jobs to tend to, but he is now ready to come back in full force... die hard with a vengeance!

Now that Klato has announced his return, expect to see updates in the near future. We are happy to see that our FB page has had (marginally) continued success regardless of the silence.

To mark the sign of our significant return, Klato is currently working on setting up a little promo for our Facebook fans. I imagine you will be hearing about this very soon.

Stay tuned fellow gardeners!


This being said, I am currently the only operator of this site... we need some form of a team in order to keep this site consistent and up to date. Please e-mail secretgardenguide@gmail.com if you are interested in an assistant reviewer position.

I only require that you have above average writing skills and integrity... no cutting deals with companies for free kratom! I imagine the companies corrupt enough to carry out such a deed would have crappy kratom anyhow if they are that desperate.

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