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Skunk Ape Kratom Review: Ultra Enhanced Indo

Photo of Skunk Ape Kratom Powder
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Skunk Ape Kratom... now that's a strange name for incense. Do we really want our room smelling like skunk musk? Dirty old apes?

Fortunately this is not the case. When asked, the marketing director responded it had to do with Florida, so I did a little research and it is in fact a sort of silly legend in Florida.

The skunk ape is also known as the swamp ape, stink ape, Florida Bigfoot, and swampsquatch amongst others. Pretty cool, huh? You just got yourself a history lesson dear reader. So, now that we know aroma has nothing to do with Skunk Ape, let's move on.

The aroma is nice and clean, much unlike a sordid skunk scent or a whiff of rank ape ass. My experience with burning SAK's U.E.I. was in fact extremely pleasant, and this is how it goes in a nutshell. 

At (t+0:30) the scent produced a favorably floaty sensation (p=3.0). No more than 10 minutes later, marked euphoria was noted (p=6.0). This sure is a fast one! Their U.E.I. seems unusually quick to fill the room with a sensational smell, however this has been my experience with U.E.I.'s of other companies in the past as well. From here on, it was a relatively slow curve until (t+1:30), where the effects were noted to increase to (p=8.5). At (t+2:00) it remains at a consistent (p=8.5). Between this time and around (t+3:00) the effects wane back close to baseline. The U.E.I. was a pleasant balance of stimulation and focus coupled with relaxation.

The Secret Garden Guide's Property Spectrum - Moderate

Overall, the quality of the U.E.I. was excellent. At $44.99, this is a hefty price tag, but those who enjoy the therapeutic effects will likely find it worthwhile as a personal gift. The fact of the matter is, I have yet to come across a U.E.I. strain outside of this price range, as it is processed and therefore requires additional labor fees, and so there shouldn't be much shock here.

Golden Leaf Award from SGG
Skunk Ape Kratom is a new kid on the Kratom block, but they're likely to stay and grow up here. SAK's U.E.I. is decidedly worthy of the Golden Leaf Award.

VALUE: 8.5/10
OVERALL: 9.0/10

Samples provided courtesy of Skunk Ape Kratom


  1. Did you order from their site or get it somewhere local? I've been thinking about trying them as my usual vendor is always out these days but I'm always skeptical about getting from a new vendor.

    1. This review is based on samples sent to SGG. SAK is a reliable vendor.


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