Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trance Plants Review

Photo of variety of Trance Plants kratom bags
Trance Plants, located in Canada, sent us an extremely generous package with both powder and leaf versions of their strain. The are in regular plastic bags with a descriptive sticker or the origin, strain and vein type. They also hand-wrote mysterious two-letter acronyms at the bottom center which I must clear up with them,

The first strain to catch my eye was their 15:1 Full Spectrum Extract. It had a very interesting dark orange coloration, and I do love it when extracts are done right. To cut to the chase, I was very pleased with this extract. Only a couple of grams were needed to attain desirable effects. It has a sedating aroma but enough to conk you out, and the scent has pain relief effects (I burnt the incense in the midst of a headache), all with a hint of euphoria.

OVERALL (15:1 Full Spectrum Extract): 8.9/10

Seeing as how they sent a plethora of different strains, I think it would be much more efficient to say that overall each one of them holds their merits. The reds are great relaxants, the greens are great mood enhancers, and whites are great stimulants. Trance Plant's Kratom does exactly as it should, and each exceeds with flying colors. Pick out what's best for you, and their extract is fantastic.

Secret Garden Guide's award for superior kratom
My only qualms with ordering from TrancePlants, and this is by no means their fault, was that customs ripped open the package and did a shoddy job at taping it back up. The good new is that customs will not seize it even if they check it, however the fact that it had to be analyzed and butchered is unfortunate. Again, not their fault it was shipped across the border from Canada.


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