Monday, July 20, 2015

Moon Kratom Review - Maeng Da and Yellow Indonesian

Moon Kratom yellow & purple variety, and magnet
To kick it off, Moon Kratom has the one of the most aesthetically pleasant packaging I have yet to see with Kratom. The usual downside to this "glamour" is that this typically means more overhead price for the vendor, and consequently a more expensive price for the customer (i.e. see the Captain Vietnam review). Fortunately, this is not the case with Moon Kratom. At a rate of $22/100g (up to $135 for a full kilogram... nice!), Moon Kratom remains competitive in the pricing arena as well. So where is they stand on quality?

Their Maeng Da is not particularly the most potent, but if you can handle enough of it, within 45 minutes of lighting you will be in happy land--nice, content and relaxed. The downfall to burning a larger amount is that you can get those sleepy eyes, possibly even minor double vision and difficulty focusing your eyes.

At this price, it seems silly to splurge on something that costs, say $40/15g or just about any other sleeping remedy. Anyone in need of a natural sleep remedy will find this strain to be extremely beneficial (as have I). In fact, on sleepless nights I sometimes find myself lighting up about 4g of the Maeng Da, whose scent makes for a nice one hour segue into sleep... start a movie, fade during, and wake up the next day refreshed.

Its lower potency in comparison to some of the other highly lauded Maeng Da on this site is a downside, but its sleeping aid potential an incense is unmatched by anything you could get at the drugstore or even with some prescription sleeping pills. Not only this, but there is no hangover to be spoken of the next day. It actually feels like a healthy night's sleep. Beats the hell out of Benadryl or beer!

OVERALL: 8.5/10 - a great sleeping aid at a great price. I would not, however recommend daytime usage unless you are looking to fade out early.

The second strain they sent was Yellow Indonesian. I am not much of a connoisseur of the yellow vein but pretty much as the color implies it falls slightly above the moderate, level feeling that green veined strains supply yet marginally below white. This makes it a relatively stimulating but not too much so. 

Yellow veins are also apparently relatively rare in the market so Moon Kratom must have some good connects going on especially considering their prices.The price? Even cheaper! It costs $19.00 for 100 grams and a similar discount rate as purchase volume raises.

I am in fact burning the yellow at this very moment, and am still able to retain focus while getting that slight "heady" feeling from its essence. The incense bowl was filled with approximately 4 grams on this trial run, and it has been an hour and a half bringing around a (p=7.75). A 4 gram incense bowl is actually rather small for me, so this it is quite surprising how much I can feel the sensation. I would dare say that this is my favorite of the 2 strains, the primary being that it is still good to work with.

OVERALL: 8.6/10 - this is a nice daytime "remedy." Relaxing but not too overbearing like coffee or other white strains. For not being a specialised extract or mix (so far as i know) this is quite an impressive strain.

P.S. Would you believe it? They even have their own cool t-shirts! I don't see them for sale on the site anywhere but perhaps you can contact them and arrange some sort of deal. You never know when you'll meet another Kratom buddy who kicks off a conversation with "I like your shirt."

Samples provided by Moon Kratom


  1. Really great product helps me alot

  2. The yellow did little to nothing for my pain management. Disappointed i n my purchase.


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