Thursday, June 18, 2015

Read all About it! Our New Exclusive Review Tool

Many of you know about our potency graphs (though they have not been used in quite some time, they will return). Now we are proud to introduce another reviewing exclusive to The Secret Garden Guide! As we know, red veined strains typically exude a more sedating scent, green veined provide a more balanced experience, and white is known for its stimulating aroma. However, it is not that cut and dry. The type of strain effects this factor too, as well as the Kratom's origin, age, processing methods and other factors.

We will be utilizing this tool often in our future reviews, and revamp some old reviews for which samples still remain to approximate where on the meter its properties lie relative to the reviewer's response.

The above sample illustrates what would appear in the review of a product which emanates a relatively sedating essence, but not a "nodder" and certainly not a "shaker."

This meter does not demonstrate the overall quality of the product, but simply describes the aroma to expect from the product on a scale of sedating to stimulating. This will help the reader determine which product may be most suitable based on their taste in incense. At The Secret Garden Guide we want to help Kratom and ethnobotanical fans find the product that is just right for their senses, and we feel this is a great way to further cater to that purpose.

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