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Maeng Da Mayhem - Jackson's Kratom, Kratom Divine, The Kratom King & Top Extracts

Maeng Da is one of the most popular and widely enjoyed strains of Kratom. Despite its characteristic, not too palatable wet grass and soil smell its earthy aroma provides often euphoric and distinct pain relieving qualities, surpassing the capabilities of a standard dose of Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil, etc without the addictive properties of substances which perform a similar service. It is remarkable how significant an effect the scent of an incense can have on the nerves.

Today's review will focus on 4 different Maeng Da's: Jackson's Kratom (capsules to empty into your bown & powdered for a quick burn), Kratom Divine, The Kratom King, and Top Extracts

Jackson's Kratom

Jackson's Kratom
Sam of Jackson's Kratom boldly states "here at Jackson's we don't make any bold claims of having the world's best, most potent Kratom. What we tell our customers is that we offer the freshest, quality Kratom at the lowest possible price. [...] You will also learn that our customer service is second to none. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and the reason why we have the customer base that we do."

Jackson's KratomKicking off with that claim, I set my expectations for potency a bit lower. They sent a generous package, highly professionally packaged material--vacuum sealed bags containing 2 oz. of their leaves, capsule-ready powder and ultra-fine powder--in addition to two bottles of capsules for both their Maeng Da and Green Malay, also superbly packaged. They look as if they would fit right in on Walgreens and CVS drug shelves along with other vitamins and supplements.

Lengthy anecdote and good first impression aside, the quality of their products was fantastic, exceeding the expectations Sam had set about it not being the “world’s most potent Kratom" (an accolade still up in the air).

Jackson's Kratom was largely enjoyable amongst my fellow incense fans and myself, particularly the easily calculable capsules 600mg in size so that when emptying into your bowl you are aware of just how much you are using without the necessity to weigh. Burning 10 capsules-worth (equal to approximately 6g if I am not mistaken by the 600mg capsule size) creates a fantastic atmospheric feeling, and 20-worth (not recommended for first time users by any means), being equivalent to around 12g can easily fade your senses away.

POTENCY: 8/10 - 8.7/10 (see review)
VALUE: 9.5/10 (100 capsules =~ 60g/$36.95)
OVERALL: 9.0/10 (for capsules)- Jackson’s Kratom is a fine company to do business with. They have a wide selection, honest and well-tending customer service representatives and overall quality product.

Kratom Divine

Kratom Divine
Kratom Divine came across to me as a small company with high standards during my communications with the highly cordial representative Wendi. In addition to the 1 oz. package of their Maeng Da, they sent a heartwarming greeting card, which says a lot to me about their intimate approach to their customer base.

Kratom Divine CardThe aroma of their Maeng Da lasted close to 4 hours from my notes, and reached a peak of around a (p=8.2) after pouring a total of 6g. This potency rating is again (and I must emphasize what our potency rating is about on our... "About" page), the pleasantness of the effects more so than something one would describe as intoxicating fumes (see review for Kratom King’s Full Spectrum Extract).

Divine's Maeng Da is creates a clear headed cloud with concurrently uplifting qualities. It is what I could call an “anytime Kratom” that you can take without worrying about cognitive impairment from excess fumes.

It would not surprise me if any established customer finds themselves a new home for purchasing Kratom based on the company's cordial quality. Kratom Divine is more than safe to purchase from, they seem to be a vendor capable of establishing an individually based relationship which speaks volumes.

POTENCY: 8.5/10
VALUE: 8.3/10 ($20/oz.)
OVERALL: 8.5/10 - I can promptly riddle out this is not the most potent Maeng Da strain you will find so far as mind bending and skewing sensations from the scent. It is, however, a perfect remedy for those seeking a perfectly clear headed (aside from the minor sedative factor) positive approach to the day. Kratom preference often comes down to taste (metaphorically, not physically! Remember that Kratom is not for human consumption), and this is a taste worth trying. If what you have read seems like your cup of tea... then by all means make your day a good one!

The Kratom King

The Kratom King
Kratom King, recipient of the "illustrious" Seal of Superiority from The Secret Garden Guide for their Maeng Da X in-house produced extract and fantastic Ultra Red Indo Kratom, again falls nothing short of expectations. Their Maeng Da is as relaxing and uplifting as anyone ought to expect from the oh-so-popular strain and then some. Kratom King has rightfully established themselves as one of the "Kings" of Kratom (how ironic). For $14.50 an ounce, there isn’t much more to say other than Kratom King reigns supreme with a lot of their products.

POTENCY: 8.6/10
VALUE: 8.7/10 ($14.50/oz.)
OVERALL: 8.6/10

Top Extracts

Top Extracts
Top Extracts's owner Jim touted his Maeng Da's scent to me as "euphoric with an extra kick of energy [...] the feeling can come on pretty strong so you may experience a little bit of nod [with larger incense bowls]. "

4g seemed an ideal amount to pour with that pretext... there wasn't much nodding other than anticipated around the typical projected bedtime, but the euphoria was kickin’ along with the concentration factor Jim described as the "kick of energy."

For $15/oz. with slight discounts at higher volumes, the value of this product for an up and coming company (Top Extracts is relatively new) is a very generous price for the product quality and it is not difficult to foresee a bright future for this vendor. Keep your eyes peeled!

POTENCY: 8.3/10
VALUE: 8.8/10 ($8/oz.)
OVERALL: 8.6/10


  1. I have been a customer of Jacksons Kratom for 2-3yrs now & not only is their Kratom Great!, Its cheaper and their Customer Services is uncomparable.

  2. Also a customer of Jackson's Kratom. Only positive things to say about them. Great product, Great customer service, and quick shipping. - J. Chappell

  3. Great information indeed and I will definitely try Jacksons Kratom. Read my latest guide on Maeng Da on Kratom Guides.


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