Monday, June 22, 2015

Ask Klato: Why are Most of Our Ratings Positive?

This is a fantastic question, for which the answer I presume many of you have wondered. It is glaring enough to prompt me to address this "phenomenon". Many of our ratings exceed an 8.0, which does display a somewhat disappointing lack of variety.

A vast majority of the products we review are voluntarily sent to us by the respective companies. This initiative shows they have confidence in their product, and their confidence is almost always met with a good rating. It would only seem logical that either the company is too big to cater to a growing site such as this one, they are low on inventory, or they know that their quality is inferior and are afraid of an honest review (much like a bad movie that denies critic's rating it before its release)... well, I am sure there are other possibilities out their too.

There are many brands of Kratom out there, and rest assured any brand you find reviewed on The Secret Garden Guide which have received favorable word is of exactly the quality described from the reviewer's perspective. There is no commercial bribe for our reviews at all, even if a company does in fact an advertisement placed on here. This is why in many of our reviews we try to be very descriptive as to the effects, and include such unique features to our site as the "Potency Timeline."

Hope this clears things up! It doesn't seem likely a company with inferior quality Kratom incense or soap would willingly send samples to an honest web site. This is part of why we are on the lookout for an assistant reviewer who may in the past have purchased brands which we would like to inform our readers are in fact inferior. It is important to both you and us that we represent the products exactly as we describe them, and our reviews are to be trusted. Any questions and/or comments are more than welcome.


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