Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Kratom King "Maeng Da X" Review

The Kratom King Maeng Da X
Maeng Da X was shipped to me by The Kratom King in a small plastic baggy, two 1g samples. These sample baggies are also on sale on their site for $6. These factors clued me in that this extract was more than just the average Kratom experience. I decided on using a single gram in my incense bowl.

One gram provided a significantly satisfying experience, and I only wish I would have poured the full 2g the Kratom King sent to our SGG library. If I were to ever do business with Kratom King again I would go for the full monty (2g). Based on my experience, 1g was enough for a fantastic play in the park. 2g may have more than made my day.

Maeng Da X's aroma produces a mood enhancing, clear minded, euphoric, and not too dopey journey. A one gram sample is $6 and based on this testament I cannot help but urge Kratom fans to give it a shot for the price. This is the sample price. The retail price appears to be the same rate at $30/5g, but I am not clear on the amount of samples one is aloud to purchase before purchasing the package (not to mention you would save on shipping by purchasing a larger volume).

Maeng Da X is an essential contender in the Kratom game. Considering only 1g was lit, the (p=x) factor is significantly boosted and even more so particularly because of the markedly pleasant nature of its effects. Its fragrance was neither a knock-in-the-noggin' strain nor a tinny tweak-out--instead, an idealistic balance of dreamy phantasmagoric feelings.

POTENCY: 9.2/10 - At 1g, Maeng Da X promotes a very positive dreamlike state of mind, nothing but pleasant
VALUE: 8.5/10 ($30/5g)
OVERALL: 9.1/10 - Overall, one of the most delightful experiences I have had with Kratom.

The Golden Leaf - Award for Superior Kratom
Maeng Da X is the recipient of The Secret Garden Guide "Gold Leaf" Award!"

Samples sent by The Kratom King


  1. Just ordered one of each of their samples! .. will get back and let ya know how it goes once they arrive.

  2. Thank you "Anonymous." Upon releasing your comment, I have just now checked out The Kratom King's site for updates. It appears as though you have hit the jackpot and scored a 25% off of their samples within a 2 day margin!

    Please follow up with your personal assessment of the samples you receive from them on the respective reviews @ The Secret Garden Guide. We have not reviewed "Extract X," so just add your 10 cents on that product on either of the other two extracts.

    Your personal input will be much appreciated.

    -Klato, webmaster @ The Secret Garden Guide

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