Friday, May 22, 2015

"Seeing Red" - Red Veined Review Quickies

In order to boost the efficiency rates of reviews I churn out I will occasionally do the "quick and dirty" review, usually with a theme to tie them together ("Seeing Red," red veined Kratom... get it? Got it? Good). As the volume of the review queue increases with a vast array of powders, extracts and blends, in the future these "quickies" will apply to most strains of Kratom that are not specialty extracts and/or blends. These products will be assessed thoroughly but without the detailed time tables and anecdotal material that make timely reviews difficult to keep up with churning out.

As a control factor I used 4g in my bowl of each of these strains on separate days in order to give the smoke time to clear, all with a clear mind and clean slate. All of this being said, here is the lowdown on some strains my partners and I have been trying out lately: As any Kratom lover has a personal preference, red veined strains tend to top my lists. They are typically more sedating than green veined, and significantly more so than white. The following red veined strains have been in my library for a while pending review:

Kraken Kratom - Red MD Powder

Kraken Kratom
I love the red veined strains as do most of the friends I try these products with, and I love Maeng Da. All Kraken Kratom had to do was live up to the name's potential, and I am happy to say it does. This is a solid product that, for $21.99/28g is well worth a shot. Kraken seems to have developed quite a following and deservedly so. I have not tried their potent extracts such as their SEI, and so I can only comment by saying that their red veined Maeng Da meets expectations so far as standard strains. Nothing extraordinary, but neither is the price. Very solid and well worth money, Kraken Kratom is a well established and trustworthy vendor with many satisfied customers.

VALUE ($21.99/28g): 8/10

Buy-Kratom Wholesale Red Borneo

The Secret Garden Seal of Supremacy
It wasn't long ago we reviewed Buy-Kratom's Red Bali. Along with the Red Bali they also sent Red Borneo. Seeing as how we have precedence, it would be best, and a very simple write-up to compare it to its sister product. To put it succinctly, its incense fumes are just as potent, long lasting with an arguably amped sedative effect. Try the sample pack for yourself without a doubt to see for yourself; this one probably takes the cake as my personal favorite of the bunch of 4 they sent (Red Bali, Red Borneo, White Bali, White Borneo)

POTENCY: 8.9/10 (4g)
VALUE: 9.7/10
OVERALL: 9.0/10

Pharmacy Dropout LLC's Red Horned Leaf Kratom

Pharmacy Dropout LLC delivers again, this time with their Kratom with the Red Veined Horned Leaf Kratom. Prior to this I had never tried burning Horned Leaf Kratom, nor had I heard much about it. To put the Horned Leaf strain into context, its strain properties fall somewhere in between Green and White veined aromatherapy as far as concurrent stimulating properties, and so it is somewhat odd to see a red veined Horned Leaf. Its aroma also has a marked euphoric property with the 4g used in this review. This strain, particularly being red veined is more along the rare end of the spectrum so far as Kratom harvesting, so it is most certainly worth a try.

The Secret Garden Seal of SupremacyPOTENCY: 8.5/10 (4g)
VALUE ($30/100g): 9.3/10
OVERALL: 8.9/10 - An incredible prize from a solid source, this rare strain is recommended for its euphoric aroma.

The Kratom King - Ultra Red Indo

The Kratom King
Ultra?" "Red?" "Indo?" This is a combination of three words that in the Kratom world really catch my attention, in addition to the already catchy proprietary packaging. They had me at ultra, and the red and indo(nesian) strain were icing on the cake. I was happy to receive 1 oz. of Ultra Red Indo Powder from The Kratom King, and equally happy with the results. The potency of its supersedes the aforementioned Kraken Kratom. Peaks effects notated in its aroma around (t+2:00) at an approximate (p=8.5) for a 4g incense bowl.

POTENCY: 8.5/10 (4g)
VALUE ($13.00/28g): 8.7/10
OVERALL: 8.5/10 - Ultra Red Indo is a fantastic product from Kratom King. A super legitimate company with super legitimate Kratom, at a fantastic price rate.


  1. I tried the Red Horned from PHD and it is excellent; per the review it does have a very happy euphoric aroma, great for occasions when you want something extra special. Its Red vein but still has very good energy. For the price its a great deal. This is a strain i will add to my rotation. I will take it with me the next time I go out for the evening...

    1. I have experienced several strains from PDO, but the one that stood out the most was the Red Northern Sumatran M.D. It is continually sold out for a reason. I enjoy red's for the pain alleviating properties it produces and this one is profoundly pleasurable as well!

  2. I love same parent company ethnotrade llc. Fantastic products. i personally prefer their White Mangda and borneo over all but the red mangda was exquisite to say the least

    1. I AGREE their white borneo is the ABSOLUTE...fantastic!


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