Sunday, May 10, 2015

Phytoextractum Gold Standard Extract Review

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed Phytoextractum's Ultra Enhanced Indo with a deservedly warm reception. In a sense it seemed comparable to the caviar of Kratom with quality and price. Next down on their ladder of specialty courses, for $31.49 is the Gold Standard Extract.

Already having precedence in quality, my latest sample of Phytoextractum had a high bar set. At around 7:30 p.m., I put 5g of Gold Standard Extract in my incense bowl. Knowing how quickly UEI's fumes sneak up on my senses, I stuck and settled with this initial bowl without pouring additional powder in.

Not much to my surprise, around (t+0:40) I began to feel a very palpable sensation of relaxation ensuing, creeping in. No more than 20 minutes later (t+1:00) I would rate the potency level of this extraction at about a p=7.0. The room has an extremely relaxed atmosphere.

As was with UEI, this is an extraordinarily hard hitter that packs a knockout punch with a steep potency curve. No more than 10 minutes later than this impression it surges to a p=8.0. For the next half hour (t+1:35) I feel very relaxed, settled, and comfortable in my position on the couch watching what essentially was a flat film but one which my mind nevertheless seemed devoted to likely due to what my sense of smell was picking up. I feel light and free of my cares at this moment.

To cap the experience, by (t+2:00) I was nodding off, my eyelids drifting down only to swiftly pull them back up. I was feeling good and wanted to make the sensation last while the incense was still filling the room. By now I am around a p=6.5, but on the comedown—an extremely smooth one. I become less sleepy and energized again, Kratomatic sensations still in tact. That night I lie down and rest comfortably but notice I am still consciously awake the majority of the time and do not dream much.

Phytoextractum Gold Standard ExtractWhether or not these be factors of circumstance I cannot say. The next morning I get up around 9:00 with a mild buzzy notion. This is as close to a hangover I have experienced with burning Kratom incense, but it was not unpleasant by any means. My perception was in fact a little dull even for the earlier hours, but I felt positive about my day which lay ahead. Needless to say within another hour and a half I perked up and enjoyed the rest of my day productively.

Gold Standard Extract, not uncharacteristic of the wonders Kratom provides itself, is an anomaly in both its highly sedating and relaxing as well as stimulating nature. It was an interesting night's sleep; I was not tossing, turning, and cursing my existence of my inability to nod out. I was comfortable. The night passed by slowly, surely, and without aberrant consequences. Highly recommended, though be mindful of taking it near bedtime. This strain has its time and place. That time is during the afternoon when perhaps you are free from constraints and hefty responsibilities, and that place is somewhere you are comfortable staying at for hours.

VALUE (5g/$31.49): 7.6/10
OVERALL: 8.6/10

Mitragyna speciosa - Gold Standard Kratom Extract sample provided generously by Phytoextractum Plants and Extracts

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