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Kratom King's "Full Spectrum Extract" Review

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After trying Kratom King's Maeng Da X Extract at only 1g and regretting not burning 2, I decided that with their Full Spectrum Extract I would go for the gusto and light up the 2 grams of incense they graciously provided me.

Full Spectrum Extract kicks in pretty quick. At (t+0:30) a slight euphoric notion is tangible, around a (p=3.0). Ten minutes later (t+0:40) I feel compelled to notate a feeling of giddiness, relaxation, and an increased open state of mind along with the tell-tale constriction of the pupils (p=4.0).

By (t+1:10) I notice and document the thick cloud that can cause the "wobbly vision" that some have described. This is somewhat similar to double vision but not as annoying and sans the drunkenness commonly associated with such off kilter eyesight, as well as not a chemical factor seeing as how it is simply an incense extract. It is not particularly pleasant, but not particularly a nuisance (p=5.5).

Twenty minutes later (t+1:30), the cloud and the wobbles are increasing. Coordination is slightly off from the somewhat overwhelming aroma. I notice this as I walk to the bathroom (p=6.5). This is the closest I have felt to "intoxicated" from Kratom fumes. It is difficult at this point to distinguish between a potency rating and an "intoxication factor." I typically use my (p=x) ratings in tandem with the pleasant effects and not intoxication. As a precautionary measure, it is clear at this point that operating any motor vehicles and/or appliances would be highly unwise and stupid. I need some time to air out and ventilate before even considering.

The Kratom King Full Spectrum Extract
At (t+2:00) my vision is starting to return to normal, and at a more settled (p=7.5), the potency is still high in the marks. By (t+2:30) a nap seems almost inevitable with around a (p=8.5). I close my eyes and my body feels at ease with a very comforting warmth spread. For the next thirty minutes (t+3:00) I watch TV with my eyes opening and closing intermittently. I am not paying very much attention to what is taking place on the tube. By (t+4:00) I have regained my energy rather suddenly and am near close to baseline. The fumes are clearing the my large living room.

All in all, if I were to burn Full Spectrum Extract again, I would stick with between 1-1.5g as to hopefully avoid the double vision aspect. This was an interesting and powerful experience which may appeal to certain tastes. Never from burning incense would I expect such dramatic effects. I personally enjoy sedation over stimulation, but along with the wobbles and slight intoxication I felt this was too much. Again, I chose to fill my bowl with 2g at my own risk, and another trial at 1.0-1.5g would likely provide a more balanced experience.

POTENCY: 8.8/10 (4g) - It is difficult to rate the potency of this in the strict sense of the word. It is a very potent sedative, yet I did not find all of its effects to be gratifying and therefore to give it a higher rating seems misleading. This 8.5/10 is based on the "pleasant factor" of its potency.
VALUE ($40/5g): 8.2/10
OVERALL: 8.6/10 - Full Spectrum Extract is extremely potent, but not necessarily in the manner some (I emphasize some) would wish to be. Being a huge fan of red vein, this combination of marginally purified extract was an exciting prospect. Again, perhaps my mistake was pouring 2.0g instead of the 1.0-1.5g, and perhaps the "wobbly vision" would not have been a factor in tandem with more moderation. These fumes produce a strong sedative sensation. Make like The Ramones if you "Wanna Be Sedated," because this will knock you out within a few hours. I feel "Full Spectrum Extract" is open to discussion even more so than other reviewed extracts because of its dividing disposition.

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  1. To clear things up this is the best and most purely extracted Kratom's out there, .5-1 gram of this incense is the most anyone should have at once, if your not familiar with it start out at .5 and work up to 1 when tolerance builds up but going over 1 is a waste because even w a hi tolerance 1 is the max I would suggest. The full spectrum is the only perfected ext out there. Use with caution as the aroma is strong but it will satisfy all your needs. Respect it and yourself


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