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Buy-Kratom Wholesale Red Bali Review

Buy-Kratom Wholesale's Website
Buy-Kratom Wholesale isn't the most creative or catchy name for a product, neither are their packages. Yet we have all heard and must remember "you can't judge a book by its cover." The cover in this instance being all of the aforementioned. If you were to take time to visit their professionally crafted website or converse with their amiable customer support representatives you would immediately dismiss all of these shortcomings.

Katy from Buy-Kratom Wholesale was kind enough to send over a selection from their sample pack, including Red Bali, Red Borneo, White Bali and White Borneo.

This review centers around Red Bali. Being red veined, I  anticipate this strain's therapeutic aromatic properties as an incense to be more effective on pain relief as well with sedating qualities. In addition, Bali is also known to be a more sedating strain, so my expectations were that of a heavily sedating and mood-enhancing experience.

For this review I placed approximately 2.5g in my incense bowl, a rather low amount compared to some of my others reviews, especially not being an enhanced extract or alkaloid concentrate. I am taking this into consideration with my potency (p=x) ratings. The aroma begins to tickle my nose without about a half hour (t+0:30). As I expected, I am starting to feel slight relaxation and developing a more positive mind set simply from the smell... not to say it was negative before, simply a slight mood enhancement is perceptible. While burning this incense, I am enjoying listening to relaxing music while working on some of my photo projects (p=3.0).

At around an hour post-lightup (t+1:00) I find the effects to be more pronounced and noteworthy, an approximate p=5.0. I am still focused on my work before me and find the task more enjoyable than usual. I do not feel motivationally hindered or cognitively impaired from cloudiness whatsoever. Within the next 10 minutes, I feel a steady rise in its effects (p=6.0). No more than an addition 30 minutes later (t+1:40) its potency is approaching close to a p=7.0. I am slightly less engrossed in my work. In all fairness I had been toying with the same project for the past two and a half hours, so this does not come as much of a surprise. I decide to take a break.

A fair and relatable (also rather silly to write about) testament to the strain's pain relief potential I decide would be to undergo a slightly past due shave. At (t+1:50) I give this a go seeing as how I am feeling the effects of the Kratom rather significantly at this point (p=8.0 taking into account the small 2.5g size). The aroma filled the bathroom as well. The shave was, in fact, a less painful process than I would expect considering my facial hair length. I wasn't particularly numb, but I had not taken a particularly large amount either. For the ~2.5g size I am, at this point rather impressed with the results (as well as happily clean shaven).

This feeling is rather steady for the next 35 minutes. At around (t+2:25) I am guessing I have reached a plateau. By (t+3:00) I notice I am around a p=7.0, affirming a slow come diminish in the aroma. Within the next 20 minutes I coast down a little more with some increase in sedation, around a p=6.0 feeling more tired.

The effects slowly slide to around baseline until (t+4:00). The incense bowl is finished and the ride is pretty much over. I am a little tired from it, albeit not incapacitated or incapable of continued productivity. After all, I am writing this review now post-burning (t+6:00).

Buy-Kratom Whole Red BaliAll in all, for a small dose of 2.5g, Buy-Kratom Wholesale's Red Bali I can with confidence say is a quality product. I believe next time I will personally be taking a slightly larger dose to fully appreciate what it has to offer. Any significant differences based on this follow-up trial will be posted to this review as an addendum along with the size of the adjusted dose.

I would highly suggest to anyone in search of a reliable, quality Kratom vendor to order their $20.00 sample pack which includes 10g of each of the following: Red Borneo, White Borneo, Green Borneo, Green Malay, Red Bali, White Bali, Red Horned, White Horned, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da. For a mere $20, this price is insanely good. The primary drawback to their ordering system is, being a wholesaler they require a minimum order of $100 USD, that is WITH the exception of this essential sample pack.

Reviews of other strains sent to me will follow. Red Bali seemed an appropriate standard to start with and so I imagine their other strains deviate no more than expected from documented differences assuming quality is consistent, which being a wholesaler it seems unlikely this would not be the case.

COLLECTIVE POTENCY (2.5g): 8.0/10 - this potency is based on a lower amount in my bowl. I will likely be re-assessing its potency with a slightly altered amount in the near future.

VALUE (100g/$20.00): 9.7/10 - the sample pack is a must order

OVERALL: 8.8/10 - taking into consideration the price of their introductory package, I feel it is deserving of such a high overall rating. It is unfortunate that future orders cannot fall below $100 USD, but frequent users will likely find this a non-issue seeing as how a kilogram (1000g) will fill this $100 order.

As the curve implies, this is a very smooth ride both in and out.


  1. Had this from the sample pack, stupidly I did not by in bulk for this price when I had the chance. I wish i had. If bkw ever restocks i will load up.

  2. It appears the website is different, I wonder if it is under new management. Has anyone ordered recently? At anyone's request I will attempt to contact them. But yes, there products were very high quality at a more than reasonable price.

    1. I ordered from them last week. everything is still legite.

  3. I almost ordered from here and the more I researched it,the more it seemed like a fraud. I think it is different from when you ordered from there. If anyone has ordered anything recently please post something.

    1. Yes, please do. This comment went under spam detection and up until now was unnoticed. At the SGG we would like to hear feedback from any and all parties, an open canvas so to speak. After all, integrity is implanted in our logo.


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