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Phytoextractum Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Review + Chart

Phytoextractum Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI)
"Phytoextractum Plants and Extracts" sent a generous package with a selection from their library of more potent and popular varieties, one being Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI). This was the first to catch my eye. Retailing at $44.95/5 grams, this appears no joke boasting “250mg of pure alkaloid per five grams of material.” I measured out half the bag (2.5g, equivalent to 125mg of pure alkaloid content based on this bold claim), an amount which would allow me two equal trial runs with my incense burner, ensuring more accuracy and consistency in this review's conclusion.

It took approximately 30 minutes (t+0:30) to feel some sense of altered sensations from the aroma (p=2.5). This sensation rapidly grew within the next 10 minutes (t+0:40), comparable to a warm blanket floating down and curling gently around your body (p=6.5).

Another 10 minute pass (t+0:50) and I am at ease, thoroughly enjoying the whacky film (Hausu) I was watching. My body feels light and feathery. I am alert and tranquil, airy but not air-headed. The film's soundtrack has an ethereal feel to it. (p=8).

This feeling continued its coast evenly until around (t+1:40), when the more euphoric effects began to slowly melt into content comatose at a relatively steady pace until around (t+3:40) where I found myself much more sleepy and sluggish (note that this was also around midnight).

After having tested Phytoextractum's UEI incense for a second time the following day, I can confirm similar results. Naturally, various factors such as mind clarity, time of day, environment etc. will always come into play and a repeat experience cannot be expected minute for minute. I can however be confident of the following assessment:

It has a more rapid onset in comparison to many other strains I have tried, and effectually its fragrance floats for a shorter duration. The effects are simultaneously stimulating and sedating, promoting alertness and clearheadedness while still relaxing to the muscles and mind. Euphoria was evident throughout most of the ~3.5 hr burn with no emotional crash when the room cleared.

If I were to try this again I would go for the gusto and burn the full 5g bag, an expensive adventure but one which I imagine would top most. Compared to the equally priced “Captain Vietnam Kratom” 15g package, I burnt 1/6th the volume whilst experiencing equally potent and desirable results.

Overall a stellar product. Five grams is more than ample for a single experience, meaning this could be a great gift to split into two generous bowls for friends, or into an equally fantastic burn for two solo experiences.

VALUE ($44.95/5g): 7.3/10
OVERALL: 8.7/10

Phytoextractum Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Potency Chart

Mitragyna speciosa - Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Powder (UEI) sample provided generously by Phytoextractum Plants and Extracts

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