Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pharmacy Dropout LLC's 30% Kavalactones Extract

Along with a bag of 10 gram "30% Kavalactone Extract," Jeffrey from Pharmacy Dropout LLC sent a Certificate of Analysis from "Hunan Greenland Plant Resource Development Co., Ltd." which confirmed its Kavalactone content at 30.56% utilizing HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography) analysis.

Kava is a very popular ethnobotanical in many societies/cultures. Here even in North America (but significantly more popular in Europe) we have “Kava bars,” which employ the anxiolytic, anesthetic and sedative properties of Kava to cultivate a relaxed and jovial environment for sitting back, socializing and hanging loose albeit not in such turbulent taverns we have come to associate with bars that service alcoholic beverages. We also provide Kava on store shelves, including but not limited to Walgreens, Wal-Mart, CVS, and many others.

Although not FDA approved for medicinal treatment, Kava is nevertheless sold on the majority of health store shelves. Typically marketed as being daily/health supplements at such stores, the powdered Kava root generally less concentrated in active alkaloid content (kavalactones) than those which can be found online or in rare specialty stores. What Pharmacy Dropout LLC offers is a 30% (or in the case of this exact package according to report a 30.56% pure kavalactone extract) rather than what is simply a powdered form of the kava root.

Having historically on occasion ordered Kava extract from eBay, generically labeled products with attributes as “60x,” “highly concentrated”, “pure,” etc., void of any descriptive elements or lab reports to back their product other than eBay feedback level, I have come to know the look and smell of such different varieties of kava extracts and powdered roots. These orders were typically of a dodgy consistency, more saturated in color, yellow but sometimes what I can only describe as blotchy.

For the life of me in retrospect I cannot believe my decision to make ethnobotanical purchases from eBay expecting some hidden gem of quality. Pharmacy Dropout's Kavalactone Extract powder is a beautiful pale yellow of uniform consistency, with absolutely no implications of glaring impurities and a cleaner scent than my nose has ever committed an extract to memory.

Despite all of I have said about eBay's Kava offerings, I have had some products that qualified as something as relaxing and pleasant as I imagined could be found in the Kava bars which were NOT to be found anywhere around my residence. Good Kava products rival the therapeutic, anxiolytic, and muscle relaxing powers of benzodiazepines.

No switch, introduction and resolve of a substance should EVER be done without the professional consultation of a doctor, but as someone who has been prescribed a low dose of Klonopin for near a decade to curb anxiety, I have always yearned for a natural alternative without the physically addictive attributes of benzodiazepines carry. This is THE first Kava product that is up to snuff in value and all around quality I feel meet these expectations.

The next best Kava product I have tried in recent memorable history is Captain Kava. The Captain has great products and a strong presence on the market. This product doesn't have much a face, but its quality more than speaks for itself. Hopefully in The Secret Garden there will be many more of this caliber to be discovered with my new eye for quality, but Pharmacy Dropout LLC has dropped the first map to this treasure of kavalactones. No disrespect to the Captain, but this amazing product blast's his ass out of the water for what it's worth.

Throw all of your alcohol overboard and feed it to the fishes. Want a loose and lively social gathering? Need a night cap to cure neurotic nuisances of the day? This is stress-relief at its finest and most natural, tranquil and sublime with no toxic regrets the next morning.

VALUE (50g/$25, 100g/$30): 9.5/10
OVERALL: 9.0/10

Pharmacy Dropout Kava 30% Kavalactone Potency Timeline

30% Kavalactones Extract generously provided by Pharmacy Dropout LLC

*We have received notice that the 10g/$10 packets are sample sized and more expensive than actual purchasing volumes. Along with free shipping, volume pricing ranges from 25g to 1kg, some middle of the road pricing being 50g/$25 and 100g/$30. The "value" rating has been bumped up to a 9.5, and overall to a 9.0

* 5/14/15: I have received some reports (and experienced myself) that excessive/consistent kava consumption with some kavalactone extracts can in fact induce feelings of nausea including both shortly after consumption and/or the day following consumption. This product should be used sparingly.

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