Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lucky Kratom & Kava Comprehensive Review

Lucky Kratom Alkaloid Suspension Oil
For the sake of convenience of both the reviewer and readers I feel it it is appropriate to blend in both the Lucky Kratom Enhanced Leaf Formula Powder and Capsules, both brought from the same maeng da source. In fact, a prior reviewed product "Lucky Liquid Maeng Da alkaloid suspension oil" finds its place into this review just as well.

Lucky Kratom have no doubt established themselves as a legitimate sources of potent Kratom that does justice to the job it sets out to be be, juice included for varying purposes and tastes. The liquid suspension is amply strong and recommended at multiple trials as well as in tandem Lucky's other formulas.

Lucky Kratom Powder BagOVERALL (ALKALOID): 8.6/10

The powdery bag can be easily poured into your incense bowl with a mix of your choice. A rather strong scent will undoubtedly make itself present but in a manner far worth its therapeutic effects which follow. Within 20-30 minutes the consumer will undoubtedly feel the "kratomatic" sensation one wishes to seek with quality incense products. The desired sensation sails smoothly for a relaxing 2-3 hours, which may or may not be greeted with a sleepy notion.

Lucky Kratom Capsule ContainerSo far as the capsules are concerned, it lies within the tolerance of the beholder to aromatherapy. One container is an adequate amount for just about anyone seeking Kratom's therapy, and dividing the capsules as recommended per package leads to more than satisfactory results.

It all comes down to the consumer as to whether they are willing to shell out the currency for the concoction's desirable effects. With Lucky Kratom, there is no question a satisfactory level will be reached within an economical window suitable to most aficionados.

Super Natural Kava is derivative of quality Kava roots, with spoken for beneficial effects pronounced loudly, creating a very natural relaxed state with the consumer. Blending this in with a beverage isn't too much more difficult than stomaching a throat-stinging shot of sour mash alcoholic beverage, which produces a decidedly inferior effect (to this reviewer). While alcohol has much more of an impairing factor binding with its consumption Kava cultivates the same relaxation craved by most consumers of these beverages minus the knock on the noggin's judgment.

OVERALL (KAVA): 7.5/10

NOTE: This review (still written by myself) was originally written in 2013 for a third party. Lucky's products may or may not have undergone changes since.

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