Friday, April 10, 2015

Captain Kava (Orange Shot)

Captain Kratom Orange Shot
The Captain serves up a jolly good concoction with Captain Kava (specifically Orange Shot for this review), proving a pleasant remedy for a stressful day or any situation where one would like to kick back, relax and set a few hours aside for a transient worry-free ride. No doubt derived from high quality roots, Captain Kava outshines your generic drugstore brands of Kava. At a price tag of $9.95 for a single shot, Captain's Kava comes a bit pricey but will beat a drink at the bar of equivalent price just about any day of the week.

“The Captain” points out that “kava bars are popping up all over the nation. You can buy kava at many coffee shops and you can also buy kava in health food stores.” Walk into the vitamin section of Walmart and you should come across a bottle of capsules from a variety of brands and labels. But Captain in all his worldly wisdom rightfully warns us that “premium kava is hard to find.” Having tried Kava from health food stores and a variety of online vendors, the Captain's remedy is certainly a stand-out amongst the vast ocean of ordinary and average products. The base Kava taste is masked fairly well with a sweet orange flavor (more so than most other Kava-based drinks), though “savory” is hard to imagine on the mind of the consumer while downing this concoction. There is a slight pleasant numbing effect from the beverage the moment it enters and dives down the hatch to metabolize. Throw in a nice chaser and the effects which follow are well worth it, you'll forgot the taste in no time.

With an onset of ~30 minutes as the package states, muscles rescind into a relaxed state, regardless of minor-to-average tension prior to ingestion. Kava (Piper methysticum) in general serves as a safe and reliable alternative to pharmaceutical equivalents such as benzodiazepines, sans the physical reliance and longer term effects on the body. One could also compare its relaxing effects to alcohol minus the intoxication factor. Unlike the aforementioned alternatives, cognitive impairment is minimal if present at all even during its peak.

Relaxation is smooth-sailing throughout the next couple of hours, notably peaking at approximately an hour and a half. At this point it's difficult to be riled up but motor functions and cognitive abilities remain unclouded. Kava riddles out residual effects (such as those associated with alcohol) and a crash-free cruise back to baseline. For ~2-4 hours you got the relaxation you deserved fellow pirate... now back to work calls the Captain!

-Remarkable relaxation
-Bearable taste
-Residual free ~2-4 hour ride
-Healthy alternative to achieve desirable effects from other substances with similar effects

-Slightly pricey, making it not as practical for consistent anxiety treatment unless you have a lot of loot.
-More flavorful than most blends, Kava's overtly earthy taste is still palpable. One may desire a chaser on hand.

Suggested Usage: Mix one package into a bottle of water and shake well. Effects will begin after 30 minutes and last 2-4 hours. Effects may vary from person to person.

COST VALUE (1 shot): 7/10
OVERALL: 6.5/10
NOTE: This review (still written by myself) was originally written in 2013 for a third party. Captain's products may or may not have undergone changes since.

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